The big circle |

The big circle

When I think about the big circle, gentle readers, I usually conjure up those frosty mornings on the LX Ranch North of Amarillo, Texas, when the cow boss dropped us cowboys off to make the big circle around a large pasture and gather what bovines were in there. There is another big circle that comes to mind. This one is when two coyotes are hunting for rabbits. When they jump one, one coyote lays in wait while the other pursues the rabbit. The rabbit almost always runs in a big circle in an effort to lose the coyote. Well, guess what pilgrim? When he has completed his circle he is almost in the same place where it all began and the other coyote is there to chase him until that ol’ rabbit is out of gas and then it’s curtains for the rabbit.

Isn’t this purty much what we are all doing? I mean running in a big circle trying to escape all of today’s extraordinary events? These things like this overbearing COVID experience. Maybe, some of you are wondering if you will be working full time in the future. If you are a farmer or rancher, I suggest you will unless the government decides to throw a monkey wrench in the gears at some point or the other. While running in our circle we notice those folks that are still wearing their mask while driving around. Hey, that’s okay with me and I’m sure it is with you. However, I firmly believe that most will still be wearing those mask five years from now.

I have noticed some really encouraging things while making my circle and one is all those young women who are so patriotic. So pro American and so willing to do so many things that they haven’t done in the past. Of course, we have that little girl, Greta, that scolds all of us adults for not taking better care of the planet. We all know she is on a jet plane going somewhere to lecture the rest of us on how to live our lives that will benefit her and those like her. Stupid is as stupid does. She is stupid only because her brain has not developed enough for her to have any common sense or realize you will reap what you sow when the time comes. That’s only 12 years as she puts it when our planet comes apart at the seams. I also notice while running my circle just how tough cowboys are, especially rodeo cowboys. J.B. and the Wright brothers have scared the heck out of me while watching the National Finals Rodeo. As I write there are still three more nights of rodeo and I hope and pray that no more contestants are injured while entertaining us and trying to keep their families and livestock taken care of. All of them are so polite and earnest and honest when interviewed. God bless’um all!! Still running I see where our own little local gal, Hailey Fredriksen won Miss Rodeo America. None of the local news or Denver pick up on that? NOPE! However, they would run to the library to see little kids being programmed by, are ya ready for this, drag queens! Do you remember when that happened some time back? That crap makes me sure “nuff” MAD JACK. I reckon we will all find out the results of running our big circle when we complete it.

Let me say that I do so hope all of you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS or whatever way you celebrate. It is that one special time of the year when we can expect to, or at least hope our families are together to celebrate. I am expecting most, if not all of my immediate family to be here at the ONO. Whopeeee!!!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, be kind, be generous this season, and guess what? I have a new great grand baby girl to love on and spoil. I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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