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The border

Yes, gentle readers, the border. What a mess, what a dangerous situation for our good ol’ America to have to deal with. Unlike Kamala Harris, I have been to the border and stayed longer than an afternoon and didn’t have a single “photo opp!”

Yep, it was long ago and far away that I was contracted as a “cowboy for hire,” to go to a ranch north of Del Rio and gather wild cattle out of the “brasada” (brush).

A feller that I was backgrounding some yearlings for had leased the Burr Ranch, some 80,000-plus acres and wanted to purchase the existing cows that were on the ranch and had been for some time. His banker wanted to be sure his collateral for the loan to purchase the cows was there.

The border back then in 1972-3 was sort of a peaceful place. It was expected that illegals would be crossing the ranch from Mexico into Texas as opportunity presented itself. In fact, on the ranch were camps where there was a modest house open to all Mexicans who were in need of a place to rest, grab a bite to eat, clean up after their stay and then be on their way.

Some of these camps I visited in search of “wild cows,” and I do not use that term lightly, had been left the way they were found and others had trash in abundance. There was some illegal drug traffic but mostly it was just folks looking for a better way of living.

I was working with about 14 to 16 Mexican cowboys. Most were teenagers with two or three grown men in the group to keep everybody on the same page. I spoke VERY little border Spanish and that was the common language spoken by EVERYONE from San Antonio on down to the border. I managed to go along and get along but I found out quickly that I WAS NOT the cowboy I thought I was. A lesson for the learning. Rough country that was “haired over” with huge Mesquite trees and lots of ground to cover and there were times I would get lost in the brush and not have a clue which way to head to find my way back.

Today the cartels run the country of Mexico and they control almost every activity that goes on in their country or so I am told. I believe it.

We have a huge problem with our neighbor to the south and it doesn’t appear that it will improve any time soon. Mexico has thrown up its hands and surrendered to gangsters who by the way are killing a large part of our folks with the deadly drugs they bring into America.

Whose fault is that? Well, pilgrim, it’s our fault. If there weren’t so many weak minded in our population that had to have dangerous stimulus to survive, there would be no drug problem and there would not be nearly as much crime in our country as we have today.

We have ourselves to blame.

Our president and his crew have allowed over a MILLION illegals into this country from all over the globe and nobody wants to work. Strange don’t you think? I thought they were coming here to work and provide a better life for themselves and their families?

There are ways to fix this horrible situation but then we might have to drift away from political correctness to do so. My, my, Charlie Brown. At some point I think Lucy will have to not jerk that football away any more.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, remember, courage is a state of mind and the foundation for survival (Mad Jack), I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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