The comedy and tragedy of it all |

The comedy and tragedy of it all

Tales from the ONO Ranch
Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

As a cartoonist and “lover of life,” I sometimes, many times view life and its productions around me in a little different light than maybe you gentle readers would.

For example: take congress … yes please take them out behind the barn and kick the living daylight out of them. Doesn’t matter what side of the aisle we are talking about, when anyone of them comes to the podium to have their say, most have gone out of their way to look a little different. Rand Paul’s hair comes to mind. It may be a bow tie, or a funny looking growth of hair on their face or it could be the constant hand waving of Nancy P. It strikes me as comedy and yet there seems to be a certain tragedy in their approach to swing their opinion onto whomever.

I have found the “Duke” to be comical at times. ”SHUT YER MOUTH MAD JACK, NOT THE DUKE!” Yep the Duke with his high water pants, shirt sleeves rolled up two turns and that funny lookin’ walk of his! His tragedy was getting shot five times and in two days and he is riding off into the sunset with no obvious complications. Who is going to believe that? Well, some folks will and that’s the tragedy.

Roy Rogers, the King of the Cowboys to me was comical at times. He and Dale would be riding behind the bad guys exchanging gunfire with them. I guess they were trying to kill each other, right? Maybe not because Roy always wanted to have “fist a cuffs” rather than take out his pistol or both of them and hold these guys at bay. I watched an episode the other day and I swear that Roy was going to get the “stuffins” kicked out of him. His bad guy was one heck of a fighter. It took Roy receiving 67 blows to the jaw and finally he brought this hombre down. How is it then when he needs to knock a feller out with one punch he can get it done? I fell for it when I was 7 but not any more. Give me Randolf Scott any day or Audie Murphy or Mr. Dillion or Ben Johnson, one of the few real not “reel” cowboys who took up acting.

“Pull quote.”

Lets take a poke at country and western singers, okay? Porter Waggoner was a fair singer in my opinion but would have never made it past the first run of American Idol. His glitter and fancy clothes put him right up there with that feller in the 50s that played the piano and wore the fancy long tails with lots of glitter and all. You know who I’m talkin’ about here. Porter’s tragedy was that moron he had on his show always on the phone and his front tooth was missing and he wore a derby hat. Too many of todays entertainers do their darndest to out dress and be more ridiculous than the rest of the herd. Michael Jackson comes to mind. Heck I reckon Elvis is responsible for getting a lot of that overdressing started. It works or they wouldn’t do it. Elvis’s tragedy was his complicated life with drugs as is with so many entertainers today.

My president is comical at times as he reminds me of the late Jackie Gleason in the way he walks and some of his mannerisms.

His tragedy is his hair. It appears he has taken some measures to get it under control, of course Gorgeous George, the wrestler from the 50s, never did and it worked for him. Sick’um Mr. President!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, remember we are all players on the stage of life, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

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