The power of women |

The power of women

Tales from the ONO Ranch
Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

Gentle readers, let me segue into this column by giving a shoutout to my granddaughter Kaci Hanks over in Glade Park, Colo.

This past week she was honored at the state capitol in Denver as Corp Member of the year for her leadership and hard work beyond expectation as part of the Western Colorado Youth Conservation Corp.

Kaci spent last summer working in the forest clearing trails, sleeping in a tent for days on end without the benefit of a shower and all that goes with it. I saw a photo of her after they had cleared out a section of burned forest. She looked like a coal miner after his first day on the job. I am so proud of all my grandkids but Kailee and Kaci really puff up my chest.

Women today are assuming more and more responsibility in the work place and in the ivory towers of the “shakers and movers” of this world. The stay-at-home-mom has the hardest job of all, in my opinion, as her responsibilities outweigh that of being a corporate head, politician and so on. There are women doctors, of course, and those like them who are so important. Actually, the policewomen, firefighters, judges and there are these women in agriculture that seem to keep a lot of these cattle and farming organizations stitched together and working smoothly. Ranch wives, cowgirls, ladies at the auction barns all contribute with a certain amount of power.

The women that get The Fence Post out each and every week, Great Scott, how do they do that? Thank you gals for your tireless efforts each and every week!

My bro and I were talking yesterday and he pondered why granddaughter Kailee, being so beautiful, would want to work on a processing crew in a feedyard.

“I’m sure she smells like a feedyard each and every time she comes home.”

“Yep, she does,” I offered. “That’s just what she wants to be doing right now and she is learning a lot about meds, how to handle cattle and getting along with others, being around a lot of men!”

To be fair, my bro has been a pastor for most of his life and never spent any time around livestock and the connection one makes to enjoy the task of being their caretaker. He just doesn’t know how good a cow can smell if you are in the business. Cows smell just like the oil patch smells to folks where my brother lives, they both smell like MONEY!

I was visiting with a young woman a couple of weeks ago. She had just graduated with a degree, (I’m trying to remember here) in forestry management or plant biology or related subjects. As we went through the photos in her phone she was in the river fly fishing, etc. I never ever would have put her there. She is a beautiful woman who could be on the cover of any magazine and seems so “cosmopolitan.” See ya just never know.

I will say this to all women, if you have babies, don’t let your shirt tail hit your back until they have all of what they need to know they are loved and that they are special.

I expect to see more women with more power put forth an effort to keep this wonderful America, AMERICA!!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, give your wife a big hug today and tell her “Thanks” for all she does and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

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