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The real deal

Mad Jack Hanks
Tales from the ONO Ranch, Wellington, Colo.

The real deal was El Rusbo, Rush Limbaugh, Paul Harvey and The Duke. Yep, real men, the real deal. They are all gone now as Rush passed today. Made for a sad day for me as I was a strong follower of Rush because of who he was and how he presented himself. I listened as often as time allowed for over 30 some odd years. I felt the same way about Paul Harvey and John Wayne, as well, he was “the man.” Little Miss Martha loved John Wayne because he was so, well, he served up everything I think that most women would want in a man. I was fortunate to meet Pilar Wayne, John Wayne’s wife, at a cowboy gathering years ago in Lubbock, Texas. She stopped by my booth and began up a conversation about art and I was expecting her to come by as a fellow Texan said he would ask her to stop by. She did. What a lovely person, so nice and down to earth.

Real men, men of the soil, men of hard labor, or men that understand that kind of man I respect more and more as my time begins to slow me down so much. Rush, Paul, John and many others I have admired and wished I was more like them in my goings and comings of life. A man can learn so much if he is a mind to by leaning in and listening to those he admires.

I had an uncle who thought he was John Wayne and as a matter of fact he did favor him in a lot of ways but he was just a blow hard. He was a good man for all practical purposes most of the time and other times, not so much. Gentler readers, would you like to know what type of men I detest? Let’s take Bill Gates, please, take him somewhere where I never hear of him again. Why? His latest blast of knowledge for all of us little people is we need to focus on producing and eating more meat made in a lab. How stupid is that? Oh, he says we may not like it all that well at first, but we’ll get used to it and it will not only be so much better for us but for our planet as well. Thank you, Mr. Gates for sharing that tidbit of information with us and he also says that if we don’t want to do that, it may have to be REGULATED! WHAT, what is that you say? The government will make us eat it? After they take our guns of course. THAT AIN’T NEVER GONNA’ HAPPEN! Then we have our governor here in Colorado who talks in circles, says absolutely nothing that us folks in fly over country want to hear. He is anti agriculture, anti oil and gas and is so far to the left he couldn’t make a right hand turn while he’s driving if he wanted to. That’s a fact, Jack.

Men like the two above mentioned, in my humble opinion, could never make the grade when it comes to men that are “the real deal.” They are drifting off in a world that doesn’t even exist for most folks with any common sense at all. However, they are here, and we must deal with their offerings regardless of how stupid and useless they are in our world, the real world.

Rush, Paul and John, by golly I regret you have left us when we need your strong presence so much these days. Thanks for all you meant to me over all these years, and I hope someday I might measure up to your shoulders before I cross the divide.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and for God’s sake let’s get this global warming behind us before we all freeze to death.

I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

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Mad Jack Hanks

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