The seasons change |

The seasons change

Yep, for sure, the seasons change and aren’t we glad? I am. I have lived in areas where I wanted some cold weather to come along just for some relief from the heat. I bet there are folks down in the deep south that would like to see snow at times or at least a change in the weather from what they are used to all the time. I will tell you I do wish spring had come along a little sooner. Man, have we ever had some awful weather, global warming ya know!

The good news is I have found a burst of energy from somewhere that has led me outside to do some painting on the old lean-to shed down at the corrals. I also need to repaint or stain my front deck. I plan on picking up the paint tomorrow and if the wind don’t blow too hard, I may just git’er done. It will be time to hook up the “bush hog” before too much longer and after a recent 2 inches of rain, the cactus is popin’ up in a lot of places and I will need to start grubbin’ that crap out of the ground when time and energy allows. I will have lots of grass this year it appears after the big snows and this recent rain and by golly, it’s getting warm out there. That means I will be hooking up the old “swamp cooler” in days to come and I have to tell ya, gentle readers, that ol’ boy has seen better days. “Swamp coolers are considered to be a “red neck device,” but I will tell ya if you want to have a cool home for very little expense, that’s the way to go, for me, anyway.

I hope to be able to kick out some cows in the coming days if the folks that leased my pasture want to come back. If not, I’ll find some other cattle or buy some yearlings to run until fall. A green pasture always looks better with cows on it. I did get rid of my horses. One was on loan, the other I bought and was again disappointed at how awkward I found it to be getting mounted.

He was gentle enough but could be a little hard headed if he wanted to come home before I did. I didn’t need that for that is what got me bucked off and hurt last time.

Speaking of time, by the middle of May I will have turned 81 and would have had mine and Martha’s anniversary of 58 years had she lived. Father Time can for sure be a rascal at times and make you realize it was time to give up horses and as it turned out, they were gone right before the “big blow.” I would have had to climb over 6 to 8 foot drifts to get to the corrals. The loafing shed underneath filled up with snow right to the roof! CRAZY! Truth is I’m feelin’ purty darn good about where I am at present and with summer coming on makes it even better. Yes, of course I do wish I could just step up on a good horse and enjoy the ride without having a hard time to get on and then have yer pony develop an attitude shortly after. I took the time to go back in time and try and figure out how many ponies I had thrown a leg over since I was a boy up to the present. At best, my memory came up with a figure of 89. Some were good, some fairly good, some really good and toss in a number of broncs. To me, a bronc is any horse that is unpredictable and may either go to buckin’ when you least expect it, run off with you or just start acting like a complete idiot and gets uncontrollable and you wind up gettin’ hurt trying to settle him down. I have had it all happen and I bet many of you have as well. Sooooo… with all of that said I reckon I’ll close for now and wish us all a pleasant and safe spring and summer.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, patience is a virtue but I have to tell ya, mine at times is runnin’ on a short fuse. I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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