The ‘want to’ |

The ‘want to’

I have written in the past about this nagging “want to” I had to become a cowboy a little over 50 years ago. I had it when I was a mere lad, it left for a while and then returned in my late 20s. As you might recall, I was employed by Proctor and Gamble and was doing a good job of providing for my family of four. Gentle readers, I just grew weary of the constant “BS” working in the corporate world and the demands made on me by folks I felt were not worthy. We lived on 75 acres that joined a four section ranch and I became friends with the cowboys that looked after the place. I would go over and help whoever was working cattle nearby. I got the cowboy bug and decided that if I ever was going to take advantage of the “want to” that was nagging me constantly, now was the time to do it. As you know it all worked out. That is, me quitting my job and starting my cowboy career. Within 16 months we were where we wanted to be. Bless my wife and little kids for “hangin’ with me.” There were set backs of course as you might image when a “green horn” takes on the task of looking after a bunch of yearlings on that four section ranch. I was surprised I was asked to do that but the other guys were part timers and I had all the time in the world.

We had no money to spend on trailers, good horses, good tack, just going with the “want to” and whatever we could scrape up. I bought a older ranch horse and a single axle, homemade stock trailer that looked more like an ox cart than a stock trailer. There was the one occasion I had hooked that beast onto my old pickup, loaded my pony and took off across some rough terrain to locate some steers. I started up a hill only to realize my ox cart with my horse was no longer behind me. NOPE! It had come unhooked and rolled back down this small hill. Heck, no problem. I just drove back down there, unloaded the horse, hooked the trailer up again, loaded that bug-eyed hoss back up and away we went.

I had a lot of learning to do and the only way is to have the experiences and boy did I ever gather up some good stories that first year of delivering my “want to” to the back of a horse, learning how to rope, ride, determine what needed to be doctored and what for and how to rope and tie one down in the pasture and it was all fun. My “want to” had arrived and I was a brand new man. I was alive again and always was ready to get out of the bed and start a new day, a new adventure. One horse turned a somersault with me and I survived that in good shape. I ran one steer down trying to rope him and 13, yes, I said 13 loops later he stopped dead in his tracks and I finally got a loop on him from a worn out, ticked off horse. The worst part was I had been braggin’ to my buddy who happened to be with me, what a great roper I was getting to be.

We all have had the “want to” in our lives and I bet very few of us ever made that big sacrifice and went after it like I did. I don’t regret a single day of it regardless of the outcome.

Let me bring you up to date on my 2003 Hoots calendars. They are here. They are totally different as I am with a new company for the next three years. They are brighter, more color, bolder and the cartoons are suitable for framing. I like them. They did not leave me any room to post little notes on the front and they are on glossy paper. The price is the same as last year and also I am doing the same promotion of giving a free original pen and ink cartoon (of my choosing) with the purchase of three calendars. For $15 bucks, I sign all calendars and pay the postage. I will have two ads running in July so you can see what the calendars look like. All of the information is on the ads.

I hope you had a safe, fun Fourth of July and still have all of your fingers.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, remember if you have that “want to,” it may only come once, I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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