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Things to do

Yep, gentle readers, we all have some things we need to do or would like to get done to keep our little world spinning in the right direction. I have a bunch of things to get done and some I have already done as I detest getting too far behind in my obligations to myself!

Here are the things I have done so far as winter is fast approaching: I have disconnected and covered my “swamp cooler.” Yes, I am a red neck. I have dropped the bush hog off my tractor and replaced it with a blade. I have split some firewood, but not nearly enough at present and I decided to replace some of my appliances which I have done. Of course, they all are smarter than I, but I have mucked my way into getting intimate with all of them and they are really easy to operate. I also had a new deep sink installed in the kitchen. After 27 years the old sink gets to looking like, well, ya just don’t want to have anyone see it the way you do. I have also managed to keep the prairie dogs at bay for now anyway and am really happy about that. Mercy, I can’t stand those nasty little vermin.

My vehicles and equipment are in good condition for whatever comes up as the days go by and I feel purty darn good these days to boot.

Since I got rid of my ponies, I stumble around at times trying to find something to do out of boredom. I really don’t mind not having to feed, scoop poop and all the other things required when you have horses. Then again, I wish at times I could just toss a saddle on a good hoss and go for a ride. I do miss having a good pony underneath me. It’s been in my blood since childhood. That feeling will always be there I would bet ya!

I need to get back in the “cartooning” mood and get some more “funnies” ready to go. I have to be motivated at times to sit down and start drawing. Of course, you need some subject matter when you start a cartoon. After all, I have created almost 1,500 in the last 27 years or so. I am always looking for an idea for one that I haven’t already done. I’ll get there, I always do. It just comes in spurts and it works better in the winter on those old cold nasty days. My heroes in the cartoon world have always been Gary Larson and the guy that does Calvin and Hobbs. Years ago I created a cartoon panel with one of my grandsons when he was little as the main character and he always had his stuffed rabbit with ears chewed up with him. I worked really hard and sent to the major syndicates my efforts. A number of panel black and white cartoons and some panels of color for the Sunday editions. I showed them to my brother as I was really proud of them. He said “Jack, some yuppie in New York will look at those and because you have included some ranch scenes, he will not even consider them at all.” My brother was right. I mailed them out to the major papers and got rejects from them all. I look at cartoons in some of the dailies and can’t believe how “short sighted” most seem to be.

I know one thing I need to do today and do it before too long and that is TAKE A NAP! See, that’s my problem at times. I sit down, close my eyes and all of a sudden, I am in another world! I like it!!

I need to get rid of more calendars as I ordered extra this year, so if you haven’t got yours, I have them ready to go. Jack Hanks,

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, Toss another dog on the bed these cold nights, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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