Thoughts I have corralled today |

Thoughts I have corralled today

Tales From the O-NO Ranch
Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo..

Editor’s Note: Mad Jack Hanks was bucked off his horse and broke his leg. His column will return when he is ready to write again. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Gentle readers I have a number of thoughts dancin’ around in this old cowboy brain today. By the way I had a couple of MRI’s last week, one on the brain and the other on my eye socket. Yep, no doubt they found a brain and found it to be normal!

Same with the eye socket so we are still trying to come up with a reason for my double vision.

Lets set that aside and as I look out my window I see a snow covered ground and a dreary day ahead. Yesterday was “Little Miss Martha’s” and my wedding anniversary. Would have been 54 years had she lived and decided to keep me around.

“We are victims to politicians that want what is best for them and their party and to heck with the public they were elected to SERVE!”

I do miss that gal. On occasion I refer to the internet to read through online newspapers and today I went back to Terrell, Texas, where we lived for 10 years managing a ranch. You guys remember ol’ Jake? I wrote about him often as he was an older cantankerous cowboy that worked for me until he retired. He died in 2002 and I see in their paper today that his wife, Daisy Mae, I ain’t makin’ that up, that was her name, she finally passed at 99! She was a sweetie and had to be to put up with Jake.

Very recently there was another school shooting in the Denver area as most of you know. You may not know that four young men rushed one of the gunmen when they first saw his pistol. The first young man was shot and killed and the other three took down that gunman and a security guard at the school took down the other without a shot being fired. Talk about something that really gave me a lift was the absolute courage of these young men. One had recently signed up for the Marines and he stated “he was not going to be a victim” to this misfit with the pistol. In total, there were eight young folks shot and with that one hero being deceased, most are home except one at this writing. Isn’t it time for us to follow these young men’s example and refuse to be victims? We are victims to politicians that want what is best for them and their party and to heck with the public they were elected to SERVE! They are not all like that of course, but way too many of them fall under that heading.

To add to that, the students and their parents held a vigil to celebrate life and to mourn the dead and injured. The left-leaning politicians showed up and tried to take over and make it about more gun control. Most of the parents and students rebelled and walked out on them rather than listen to political agendas! They did return and finish what they came there for. However the politicians got the message! “WE DON’T WANT TO BE VICTIMS!” As a side bar the young men turned out to be one girl who wanted to transform into a boy and her male friend! They stole the guns from one of their parents.

They surly felt they were victims of society and somebody was going to pay. They will have many many years in prison to reflect on their victim hood! NO NEW GUN LAW WOULD HAVE CHANGED THE OUTCOME OF THIS TRAGEDY!

When the laundry comes out of the dryer I will head into the city for flowers for Martha’s grave and graduation cards for two of my grandchildren. Life goes on!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion. Refuse to be a victim and “whup and spur” and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

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