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Tid bits

Tales from the ONO Ranch
Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

Gentle readers, this is gonna’ be one of those a little bit here and a little bit there and most are not related. Okay? I hear where former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo asks “if this virus is so deadly, why hasn’t it wiped out the homeless community? They don’t wash their hands often, don’t wear masks and don’t practice safe distancing?” Sounds like a fair question to me. How about you? Hummmm? “We are all going to get through this together, as long as you stay the hell away from me!!” Right? That’s all I have to say about the coronavirus. I’m sick of it. Sorry about the pun.

I will have turned 80 years young when you read this. I say that as I’m expecting to live until this column reaches you. If I don’t, oh well, I done my darndest! I doubt if I feel much different than I do at this writing.

Me thinks this is gonna’ be one of those years where the “millers” take over every inch of our being! I am seeing hordes and hordes of them collecting everywhere. I remember those times I lived with the vacuum in my hand sucking those nasty little critters out of the windows and every tight, hidden place you could find. I used to grab them by their little heads and let them flutter until their heads popped off. Cruel huh? Not for me. Not for all the issues they create for me to clean up.

Big wind coming this afternoon and tomorrow. We all expect to have wind this time of year up here next to the Wyoming border. I don’t really mind it at night. I seem to sleep right through it, but during the day… bummer!

“Pull quote.”

Eldon, my neighbor to the west, came by to join myself and companions for coffee. He offered that he had a bear wander across his place and scampered up a tree when “towners” were out and about trying to get some fresh country air. It appears that poor ol’ bear had to stay up in the tree forever as folks kept stopping to see what everyone was looking at. You remember when out of pure meanness you would start looking skyward at absolutely nothing just to see how many folks would join you? We are funny as a species at times aren’t we?

My pastures are greening up and since I didn’t have but a very few cattle from time to time last summer, I have a world of grass. (laid up from the hoss wreck). Coal Creek has lots of water in it and has for a long, long time, but that will change when we get into the summer temperatures. I am ready, more than ready for some warmer weather. I will cheat here and mention the “virus” has folks around here walking around like they didn’t really know where they were goin’ and what they were gonna’ do when they got there. This, for sure, is a time we should all take note of and reflect on it down the road. Problem is, we just don’t know where this road goes, maybe nowhere, maybe everywhere!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, and for Pete’s sake, don’t swaller every morsel of “whatever” is tossed to you like a junk yard dog, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

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