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Time marches on

Tales from the Ono Ranch
Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

Yessiree Bob, time is marching on. Actually, we are out of March and into October. Seems to me the weeks are flying by. When most of you get this it will be Columbus Day. There will be demonstrations on what a cad ol’ Columbus was towards the native folks. I reckon we could throw in a bunch more after him if we wanted to throw dirty laundry on all those who abused native Americans, huh? George Armstrong tried but he got Sioux (ed) and you ain’t supposed to be able to sue the government. Well ya can’t believe everything you hear, right George? Ol’ George was just doin’ his job like “Pencil Neck Schiek” or whatever his name is, thinks he is doing to “the Trumpster.” So much for that!

There always seems to be someone laying in the weeds ready to jump out and sue someone or try to find any dirt at all in order to filet them in the public square. Happens every day. I reckon this is just the world we live in and most likely it has always been this way. We just have social media to help us get the job done. Sometimes the truth doesn’t seem to matter as long as you tell your tale often enough. Time marches on and some things just don’t change. Well if they do, it appears that a lot of it is really hard to digest, right?

I can change my mind 50 times a day depending on what I’ve heard and who delivered it. How about you? What do you think the next 20 years will bring? How about the next five years as we sit and watch time marching past our kitchen window. Mr. Rogers would be beside himself trying to patch up his neighborhood. Red Skelton would have a hard time, I think, trying to make us forget issues of the day and just “laff” out loud. As for me, being a cartoonist, I always look for the unusual, you know, the funny side if there is one. Gary Larson, one of the most creative and out of the box, in my opinion, outrageously funny cartoonist just let it all hang out. I wish there was more of that to ruminate on as time marches on. If we went back and watched episodes of “I Love Lucy” or maybe “The Beverly Hillbillies,” we might not think that simple humor would tickle us as it did back then..hummm?

Time marches on faster for older folks like myself than it does for you younger “whippersnappers.” That being anyone under 60!

“Sometimes the truth doesn’t seem to matter as long as you tell your tale often enough. Time marches on and some things just don’t change.”

I went to the sale barn this morning and had coffee with my buds, stopped by the farm and ranch store and picked up a couple of winter shirts. Made it to the post office, bank and then home. I changed clothes and gathered up the stove pipe cleaning brushes and rods and made my way up on the roof. A metal roof by the way. I was told by my brother and daughter, “Jack, dad, don’t you get up on that roof unless you are tied on or have someone there with you,” they demanded. Well, we all know how Texans and cowboys are… you can tell’um, but you can’t tell’um much. Besides that I had a neighbor or two drive by while I was up on the roof and that was good enough for me. I’m all ready for winter now as time marches on!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, be humble and kind, be on time and for Pete’s sake, yer own business you should MIND! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

By the way, calendars, $12, I sign, pay the postage… Jack Hanks P.O. Box 825, Wellington, Co. 80549. (970) 568-3974 or cell (970) 581-0710 and I thank you. Sorry, no plastic, cash or checks or money orders. ❖