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Well, well, well, here we are on Feb. 24 and as I write, our president is giving one of his, “I’m determined, I’m capable and I will lead you to a better place,” speeches.

Oh, I don’t know, but I don’t have ANY confidence in him, his staff, his associates or his office to be able to do anything good for me and you. Russia has just invaded the country of Ukraine and our man is stumbling, bumbling his way while reading his “cue cards” and has finished and is taking a few questions. Excuse me while I go turn off the “telly.” Enough is enough. I’m back now. Our leader has been begging OPEC to produce more oil as we are behind here in the U.S. Why? I’ll tell ya why gentle readers, our president has all but shut down the “oil patch,” pipelines and the like because oil is BAD! Of course, oil can be produced on private land but not most public land. Moving on.

Today was the third day I headed in for coffee with the temps at 4 below and drove on snow packed roads. Today is supposed to be the last of this particular cold wave as it will warm up in coming days. I have put a lot of wood through the stove this week trying to save on my propane (PROPAIN) bill. I love a good fire in the stove anyway.

This is the first time I haven’t had horses in over 25 years to take care of and be a part of. I miss them and yet on these cold, frigid mornings with snow on the ground, I find I don’t miss them all that much at times. I will get that yearning when spring rolls around hopefully in a few weeks. I watched a ranch rodeo on the “telly” last night on the RFD channel and it brought back so many memories. Time marches on and we have to adjust to our short commings like our age, and all that goes with getting older and by golly just accept where we are and what we are. Right? Right!

Now with wolves in Colorado and they will be protected for sure because we have a governor who is so far to the left when it comes to having any interest in the livestock industry. He could care less, it appears, if ranchers survive or not. I think he prefers NOT!

I feel as if we MUST get this administration out of office at first opportunity. He is the ENEMY to all agriculture that deals with animals for harvest. Sometimes I seem to be just stumbling through the day not believing what is going on in our beautiful state of Colorado. It can be so disgusting and hard to swallow like trying to eat a spam sandwich with vanilla pudding and vinegar as a toping. Ugh!

I like to be positive in all things that concern me and you. We certainly have different opinions on some subjects for sure. I know, I read your comments and welcome them.

Remember, we are all in this together. Maybe so, maybe not. I don’t embrace the current politics at the state level just as an example.

Moving onward and upward, the sun is out and I can see where some of the snow might melt today and in a day or two I will venture out and find something to do on the outside.

It appears that our mountain snowpack is adequate at present for the coming spring.

It also appears that there are issues with Nebraska needing more water and we think we HAVE to keep folks moving here and that presents a problem with having enough water to go around. Folks have been killed over water issues, some right here in our community in years past. To say that we are living in interesting times would be an understatement wouldn’t it! Time to call it quits for this column so I’ll end with my usual.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, remember that “egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of STUPIDITY,” -Booker T. Washington, I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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