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Today’s news

Now gentle readers, if I were having coffee with mi Amigos this morning, which I am not, these are some of the subjects I might bring up in conversation. Now, most of this is old news by now but we work in reverse sometimes when it comes to writing columns.

Baxter Black, our favorite cowboy poet, humorist, columnist and entertainer passed before I wanted him to. Bless you Bax, what a source of pure “funnies” you were and supplied so much “laffter” with your clever antidotes. You are missed already and I don’t think there will be another like you in maybe forever. As Bob Hope would say, “thanks for the memories.” By the way, I would have loved to see Bax entertain the queen on her 70th year of her “whatever it is she does.”

Oh my! Yellowstone, that river has run amok and done so much damage to the surrounding country and the park as well. I don’t know how many folks are going to be headed that way this summer to enjoy all there is to see and do in the park. Cody, Wyo., may suffer some tourist loss not only with the price of gas this summer but damage to the park as well. Cody nightly rodeo, well it might not be as well attended as in years past. Who knows?

I need to get down to the shop after I finish here and hook up the power shaft (drive line) from my bush hog to the PTO on my tractor. I have gotten to dread having to hook up the old bush hog these past two to three years as it seems to be an almost impossible task for me to get done. Ya see, it’s this way… I still have double vision in my right eye from a surgery three years ago and it’s really hard to try and line the tractor up with the bush hog under those circumstances.

Yesterday, after I got the drive shaft off the bush hog (you have to remove it to grease it) and finally got it back on, I was almost void of any energy or breath so I took a break. I got some ice water and a Snickers bar and sat on my rear until I realized, I needed to just let it go and try again tomorrow, which is today. See what happens to you when you get to be the old guy. Folks, this old guy stuff seemed to slip up on me without warning and I was like ol’ Rip Van Winkle, I woke up and said, “What the heck happened here?” I used to look at the future with a great amount of anticipation and now with double vision, I see twice what I don’t want to see. Just kiddin! I don’t want to whine about this wonderful life I am living and have lived. Of course, every day is a blessing and an adventure and that’s the way I hope it will always be as long as I can get out of bed and get my pants on.

Well now, ol’ Joe is bellerin’ at the oil companies. What a misfit and waste of oxygen havin’ him raise his voice and scold us good ol’ boys when things are not going his way after all he has done to be sure they didn’t. I wouldn’t drive an electric car if I was given one. In fact, I have a neighbor whose son bought one and the manufacture instructed him after so many months to park it in a safe place, stay away from it and they would furnish him a rental until they could rectify the issue whatever it was. How about that Joe, you hopeless, hapless, useless idiot!

Joe now wants the oil companies to “drill baby, drill” after he went out of his way to block each and every path they would need to go down to start drilling again on public lands. He can’t seem to understand why he is not well received by most of us that would just like to find “normal” again the way it was before he had access to the toy box. Great Scott, Randolf Scott and Charlie Brown and Charlie Daniels and all the other folks we leaned on so much of the time. Bax as well, falls into that group that we looked forward to hearing from each and every week. I do miss Rush and Paul Harvey.

At this writing, the Greeley Stampede will get going in a few days with Cheyenne Frontier Days to follow, Roof Top Rodeo in Estes Park and so many more. Get out gentle readers, and support rodeo this summer. It’s fun watching.

Talk about excitement and dangerous adventure, that’s rodeo and it is growing in popularity day by day as finally enough money is available for rodeo cowboys and bull riders can become millionaires and many have done just that. It’s like, if you are going to pay some pro athlete $60 million for three years and he has a police record a mile long and so many tats from his neck down you can’t hardly tell where his head starts. Let’s give some of that to decent young men and women who will not take a knee during the national anthem, but will place hand over heart and present themselves as real Americans who love this country. It’s refreshing and it also warms your heart to see little kids take off their cowboy hats and do as they see the “big boys and girls do.” I also want to remind you that Miss Rodeo America is from little ol’ Wellington and she is one busy lady this year. Go girl go.

One other thing, take time to be gentle and kind! There are those times that I have to work on that as I go through life. I saw this guy walking down one of our streets when it was almost 100 degrees-plus. He had on shorts, long hair, wearing lots of tats on his body and he was barefoot of all things. It seems it didn’t bother him in the least. He was smokin’ something, who knows what and I, of course, dismissed him as a “loser” if there ever was one. I was on my way to the post office and could not find a parking place so I had to make the block a few times. When I finally found one and was headed inside, guess who was there to greet me and hold the door open for me. Yessir, it was my loser friend. To say I was surprised would be useless. I did say, “Thank you sir, you are a good man.

So, see, we just don’t ever know who we are judging at times do we? I was ashamed of myself for feeling that way, I truly was. Be humble and kind as the song says and I will work on that some more.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, I was always taught to respect my elders, and now, I don’t have anyone to respect, (George Burns). I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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