Trying times

Tales from the ONO Ranch
Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

Well, for sure gentle readers, we are living through some really trying times. I get up each morning with the local talk radio station on and try to digest all that I hear while getting ready for the day. What will I be challenged to believe today. I tell yah what I hate. I hate it that in order to communicate with family and friends, I have to use Facebook, Google, or some of the other social media outlets. They are not my kind of folks, but in order to take care of business I have to prostitute myself to get to where I want to go. I hate it!

As I write there is a huge fire just on the west edge of Fort Collins, Colo., and it is dang scary at best. It is now the largest fire in Colorado’s history. I know folks in those areas that have burned or will burn are frantic. What can you do? Nothing but gather up and run!

I really got upset as I watched the hearings concerning our new Supreme Court hopeful being scolded and accused of all sorts of things by the folks that don’t want her on the court. Shameful is not strong enough to title what some of them tried to do to upset her. It didn’t happen. Talk about a strong, confident and well educated woman and with a sense of humor! She was not rattled at all. She just made them appear to be who they really are. I am so pleased to see women like her and South Dakota’s governor stand up and not back down when confronted with outbursts from their opponents that cannot stand anyone who is not on their team.

So, we have this virus that has consumed our economy, our trust in many of our health officials and we wonder if we should be wearing that mask or not. One day I hear “wear your mask at all cost,” the next day I hear, “those masks do nothing at all to prevent this virus from spreading.” Like I’ve written before, I don’t wear my mask at all unless I am forced to and I try to be a good citizen and not create any problems. I have to tell ya that I wonder how so many folks are going to survive this ordeal when they have lost their livelihood and have no prospects to keep on keeping on. I hear many experts say, “open everything up and let it run it’s course.” We have seen many instances of huge crowds come together (Sturgis Motorcycle Rally) and not see reports of large outbreaks of this illness.

When we crowd all of this into our brains and allow it to settle day after day, it results in very trying times which there seems to be no way to escape. We have to remember that folks have been through terrible epidemics before. Then there was the great depression when there were no jobs and no money available. Folks found a way to struggle through it all. The results of what is going on today here in Colorado is loneliness, depression, suicides, anger, frustration and a sense of unreachable hope for many citizens. They are victims of selfish politicians that do not care apparently if it all goes in the can or not. I do not understand that thinking at all unless it all ends after our election. We will see. I have an idea this will go on for many more months unless we just flat refuse to cooperate and play this game. As for me, I have settled my mind by gettin’ a’horseback and just ridin’ for a while and enjoying my ponies. It is true that the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man (woman). That is of course if you don’t get bucked off and busted up! Think for a moment about those young men and kids that jumped off those landing crafts at Normandy and how trying it must have been for them to face what they did.

As a side bar I want to mention again that I do have calendars available. Thanks to all you guys who sent me money only to have me return it to you. Send’er back and I’ll get you a calendar!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and do yer darndest to do yer darndest to try these times, and I’ll c. y’all, all y,all. ❖