Well by golly, it seems we are in a whirlwind of turmoil, huh, gentle readers? Yep, we got this terrible drought all across the country with no real prospects of ample rain. Well, not where I live anyway. The wheat crop for sure is in trouble in many arears and that’s a dismal outlook for many farmers. The ones who do bring in a crop should be well paid.

I just came in from watering trees and my lawn as I have not had much of a chance the way the wind has been blowing. I got a little done yesterday and thought I would finish up today. Guess what Lucy? Charlie Brown had to quit and come inside because the WIND is stronger now than I had hoped it would be today.

We have a border crisis that seems to grow by the day and apparently we just can’t seem to bring ourselves to put a halt to all of that madness. It’s crazy, right? It’s turmoil at the highest level. Why would we expect anything different when our president finishes a speech and tries to shake hands with someone who is not there? It’s sad and it’s scary. It’s turmoil alright but not to worry. I sit here with my Boost high energy drink and I expect it to do wonders for me, right? Maybe, maybe not.

I filled up the old F150 this morning after coffee with mi amigos and that will bust your little bubble for sure. I can’t seem to go to our little market here and pick up what seems to be a handful of groceries for less than a hundred bucks. I think about folks on a fixed income trying to make ends meet and they are still in the middle.

I’m waiting to see what my last little episode is going to amount to even though I have good insurance. There was the ambulance ride, four doctors, numerous test and all of this in one day. I shouldn’t complain as those folks were there for me and took good care of me while there that one day. That was a day of turmoil and by the way, thanks to you folks who sent me get will wishes. I do so appreciate you.

I’m struggling with this awful war in the Ukraine. Ol’ Putin is one bad hombre in my opinion but that is who he apparently has always been. We just don’t like to admit that there are folks on the face of the earth that would condone and follow through with such evil. I know they have always been here and will always be here and yep, that’s a part of life which creates a lot of turmoil. It is what it is and one day it will end and the world will move on and most likely not learned a darn thing!

Hey, we got a new cowboy on the scene. Yep, ol’ Elon Muskateer. He has controlling interest in the social media outlet called Twitter. The left wing of socialist in this country are falling apart from what I hear. He may actually let folks express their honest opinions be it from the left or the right. I like to say RIGHT! Of course they have run to their toy box, the left that is, and found the raciest toy and that’s what he is now. By the way, what is a raciest? I always thought a raciest was someone, anyone who did not fully agree with another group of folks. Maybe you couldn’t fully understand their culture or why they dressed or acted like they did any more than they could understand yours. Seems to me we are all raciest in some manner or another… hummm? We for sure have turned that phrase into turmoil. Too many folks believe if they are a raciest that they are totally useless and have no place in our society. I beg to differ. There are folks in my culture that I don’t agree with and will avoid them on sight if I can. So how about that? Me a raciest of my own race? Who cares?

It’s time to get tough on crime, tough on political correctness, tough on “shallow” politicians, and stand our ground. You know, don’t back up and don’t back down!

Stay tuned and check yer cinch on occasion, remember most likely the weather will determine the size of your funeral. I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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