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Well, what do you say, gentle readers, let’s just get right to it. You know, the elephant in the room. Yup, UFOs. Does that interest you at all or does it turn you off? In my humble opinion I say “it’s about time” we sat down and had a little talk about a subject that we have all had cross our mind. Real or not? I think with all of the information that has been presented in the last couple of years of sightings by folks we should have confidence in, they are in fact among us.

I wrote several years ago about an incident that convinced me that there were for sure objects in the sky that were almost unbelievable. If you recall, I was on active duty at Fort Hood, Texas, and was positioned at a forward observation post. I was in the infantry and we were playing war games out in the boonies. Sometime in the early, early morning hours I was fascinated with the star filled sky. I noticed one little star that seemed to be a little brighter than the others. As I focused on it, it took off at a very, very high rate of speed and then stopped as suddenly as it had taken off. Again it took off at a right angle, made another right angle and stopped again. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Suddenly it took off again at a speed I couldn’t believe and was gone among the many stars. I didn’t tell a lot of folks what I had seen and the ones I did sometimes just rolled their eyes. This was in 1966. In 1997, in our little church one morning, our pastor related an incident he had seen exactly like mine. I cornered him after church and we compared notes. AMAZING! Our stories were the same. In 1950, in Farmington, N.M., on March 16, 17 and 18, folks there witnessed a display of saucer shaped UFO’S in broad daylight over those three days. We are talking about hundreds of locals making these sightings! And of course, there was that famous saucer that crashed on that New Mexico ranch where aliens were reported to be killed and their remains taken to an Air Force base and kept secret. I have seen television interviews with some of the principles involved from the rancher on up the ladder. The Air Force produced a weather balloon and said we were all mistaken about what we had seen and heard. I always believed the rancher and some of the locals that were involved. What reason would they have to lie?

It appears to me that given what we know now and all of the personal experience folks have had, like me, I say it’s a no-brainer and have had that opinion for many, many years. Our government has had knowledge of these UFOs for a long time and would not share what they knew. So what else is new? I think we can handle it, however if you choose to toss it all aside and say it just can’t be real, that’s an option for you. To me, I find it exciting. There will be those of you who say if it ain’t in the Bible, it just can’t be. Ezekiel’s Wheel? There were no cowboys in the Bible and yet here we are. I’m not some sort of “goober” wanting to stir y’all all up. Nope, just being honest and expressing what I believe to be true.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and remember, “don’t fly off the handle until you have secured a safe place to land.” (me) I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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