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Us and them

Us and them could include a number of examples. Well, like men and women, old and young, rich and poor, conservative, and progressive and on and on we go. You gentle readers know that I stand firmly on the side of what most of us consider to be right. Like, folks that use common sense and folks that avoid any use of common sense at all cost.

Here’s one example: I hear on the news this morning there has been another wolf attack in Colorado in Jackson County. Yep, one bovine attacked and six elk killed. SIX? What’s that all about? We know and care but most of them don’t care at all as long as the wolves are content with their day to day looking for something to kill.

Most of us and most of them live in two different worlds. We have been raised in different environments, we have a somewhat different approach at how we view the world in general.

I was watching a documentary on the Lewis and Clark and the discovery of the American West in 1803. They have been wanting to find the Shoshoni Indians and see if they could acquire some horses from them to farther their progress moving West. Ah haaa! At last, with their Indian guide, Sacajawea, who is Shoshoni, they come in contact with a band of Shoshonis.

As the Indians dismount from their ponies to pow wow, I notice they are all riding modern roping saddles as would be in use today. Yep, nice bridals, breast collars and the like. I’m like, WHOA! Somebody in wardrobe didn’t have a clue as to what these Indians should have on their horses in 1803. Either that or they just didn’t care. Now see, “them” wouldn’t know the difference and us did right off the bat. I notice things like that. I want those productions to be as close to real as possible. However, I remember the “Duke” always rode one of the modern saddles with breast collars and the like in all of his westerns except maybe “The Cowboys.” I can let that slide since it was the “Duke” even thought I didn’t really like it.

” Them” love their wolves and wild horses and we have to struggle with those “disruptive” ideas as we have learned that “them” have the upper hand and we have to try and hold our ground as best we can under the circumstances.

I think we have found a new “Duke,” Randolf Scott and Clint Eastwood. That would be the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. This man has shown he has more than a little backbone and his citizens seem to be willing to lay it all down if push comes to shove and there has been a lot of shoving going on. I also understand that George Soris has a hand in the affairs of Ukraine and of course the Biden faction. It’s all complicated but I believe that “us” are more conditioned to deal with all of this than “them.” Too many of them need that “safe place” to fall apart and expect us to take care of business.

The thing to do is to keep on “keeping on” raising our crops, taking care of our livestock, keeping our families together and have each other’s backs. That’s the one thing I believe we have to our advantage, is we are about our neighbors and our community and I don’t think “them” begin to have a clue. That’s all!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, remember, “the only true wilderness is between a greenie’s ears.” I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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