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With all of the discouraging news we are subjected to all day every day, I find some relief in funny, cute and refreshing videos.

Many times, gentle readers, I will watch America’s Funniest videos and find myself smiling and even “laffin” out loud at some of what I see. The little kids, dogs, cats and other animals, some being family members, (not mine) keep me leveled off in a good mood. I was watching a video on Facebook recently of a darling little girl 2 to 3 years old who had found her mom’s lipstick and had smeared it all over her face. With big blue, expressive eyes, baby doll blond hair bouncing every which way, she commanded a second look. Her dad discovered her and asked, “Oh, look at you in lipstick. So, you found mom’s lipstick?” “No, my lipstick,” she shot back shyly. “Does mom know you got her lipstick and are using it?” (I paraphrase). “It’s my lipstick,” the little angel offered up again. “Oh, so you bought it and it is yours?” “I bought it for me, my lipstick!” Well, so if you bought it, where did you buy it?” She glanced off to one side as if not concerned in the least and replied, “HOME DEPOT.” Now folks, that is just flat out cute. I get such a kick out of the little ones who have personalities that reflect what they might be like as adults. There was this other one where the little tyke on his first birthday has his big chocolate cake placed in front of him. He dug in with both hands and when he discovered how delicious it was, he began to cram as much as he could in his mouth.

That episode took me back to our son, Andy’s first birthday. Little Miss Martha treated him the same way and just let him dig in and go for it. He was more reserved than the above mentioned, but I guarantee you he managed to get all she would allow him to have without getting sick from it all. Of course, he was covered from head to foot with cake and frosting and so was his high chair. I still have a photo of that birthday taken 50 years ago. It makes me happy to know where he is today and how he turned out and yet a little sad because I want him to be a little boy once again that I can love on and play with!

Let me throw some animals in the mix right here. On Facebook was a video of a ranch horse relaxing in his stall with the family cat resting on his head. No kiddin’. I ain’t makin’ this up. The cat was stretched out with hind legs over the horses’ ears and her tail twitching about the horse’s eyes. The ol’ pony seemed as comfortable as he could be with the cat taking a nap on top of his head. Those little glimpses of what’s really real and worth something in these troubled times we live, lifts my drooping spirits.

They are so simple, yet so inspiring like hearing Carrie Underwood sing Amazing Grace the other day made my eyes water a bit.

There are two songs that will for sure bring a tear of joy to my eye and they are our National Anthem and Amazing Grace. They transport me back to a place in time before I was a teen and those years were the years a young boy is trying to figure out what this world and the folks around him are really all about.

At this writing we are expecting another snow storm and cold weather for the next few days. COME ON SUMMER!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, hide a few bucks somewhere, be a good patriot, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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