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What about this weather

Tales from the Ono Ranch
Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

How about this weather children? What a difference this year is making. At this writing it is June 13 and my place looks like a jungle out there. Rain, rain and more rain and I reckon that’s okay unless you had a hard time getting your corn in or you got hay to put up.

My granddaughter has been good to come out and do a lot of mowing for me so we can find the house ha, ha, ha.

I was on the front deck the other day waving at the traffic like old men do and I saw a mosquito that at first I thought was a dragonfly!

Of course I’m kidding but those pest are bigger than I think I’ve ever seen here at the ONO before. I think the deer flies are going to be in great numbers this year and I see a lot of foxtail, a grass I detest, coming up in the pasture. I can remember years ago when my ol’ dog, Clancy would walk out into the pasture to do his business and with each step a little puff of dust would come up. I don’t want me some more of that! It was so dry that year that I saw a frog that had shrunk up until he looked more like a little lizard. No, that’s not true!

“Pull quote.”

We know as sure as I’m sitting here the “climate change” folks are going to place all the blame on global warming. Shoot, every time the weather changes regardless it’s because of “climate change.” You know of course that “climate change” (global warming) is what caused me to get bucked off my horse and that’s a fact. You see it was early morning a little after seven and it was cloudy and cool and the ol’ bronc just decided he didn’t want me to get back on him to finish fixin’ fence as it was a little cool. I stepped up, he jumped up, I landed behind the saddle and the wreck was on. However, the way I see it now is that professional bronc riders are only required to stay on for 8 seconds and I know I was up there for at least 35 or 40 seconds. I figure I made a qualified ride it just may not have been all that pretty!

As a simple man I do take issue with the reasoning behind the “climate change” folks. The Midwest and the eastern part of the country had massive snow storms and cold, cold temps. It was of course because the climate is getting warmer because cows emit disgusting odors at times and what about all of the bean eaters in that part of the country? Shouldn’t they take a little blame? It’s all so ridiculous that it’s almost funny to think anyone with any degree of common sense could think like that. Of course you didn’t miss my little “common sense” comment.

My neighbor came by the other day wanting to put some livestock on my grass. You bet! I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to utilize it this year.

I sold my two ponies as I would never throw a leg over that dun again after what he did. Howdy went with him as they were almost stuck together. Soooo, when that blizzard arrives (due to global warming) and it’s blowing snow sideways and 10 below, I’ll just roll over in bed and go back to sleep.

Went in to see my surgeon last week expecting to finally get a cast on my leg. Nope! He told me it was healing up so well he wanted me to just put on that ol’ Herman Munster plastic boot, get my walker and start walking. “Jack, you can walk until the Fourth of July and then that’s your independence day and you can take it off and come back to see me four days later.” Works for me. That has given me the opportunity to get on the riding mower and start cleaning this place up. A little at a time!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, and again I thank my good neighbors and readers who have been so kind to me! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

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