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What do you do?

Tales from the O-NO Ranch
Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

“So, what do you do … are you retired?” Seems like gentle readers I get that question from folks I meet who aren’t familiar with my background. I get it more than I would like to.

It should be obvious to any sane person that yep, in fact, I am an old guy and maybe I am retired or should be. My usual answer is … “well, I do have a small art business where I do weekly cowboy cartoons, write a column for ag related publications, and on occasion I will illustrate a book or book cover, and in general commissioned art related work and also I have a calendar that is distributed in all 50 states by an advertising company out of Iowa!” “That’s interesting,” is the usual reply. I could go on and blabber some more about having some land and running cattle in small numbers through the summer months. Plus all of that, after my wife passed from cancer I have all of the household chores to do. There is the laundry, ironing, vacuuming, dishes to wash, floors to mop, groceries to buy and other related household obligations. Then there is the yard to maintain, corral fences and property fences to maintain, and then we have the ranch equipment to service like my tractor, two trucks, stock trailer, flatbed trailer and various other items to keep in shape and working! So you see, I’m not quite retired and yes I do make time for a nap usually every afternoon if I am the least bit tired or sleepy.

I don’t always sleep well and am usually tired and stiff when I get up in the morning, but aren’t most folks at 79 that way?

I was recently in a retirement and rehab center after a bad “hoss wreck.” Okay, so it was an old folk’s home!

“I don’t always sleep well and am usually tired and stiff when I get up in the morning, but aren’t most folks at 79 that way?”

I had a hard time adjusting to seeing so many folks younger than me in such poor health. I was always comparing myself to these retirees. Most could not sit up in their wheel chairs with any ease at all, and they just seemed so OLD to me. I didn’t like it there and did not want to look down the road as to what the future might hold for me. SCARY! It just is what it is.

There is something else I do. I find myself worrying about you and me and even some of my “progressive neighbors.” We have taken sides and we look across the fence at one another and can’t fathom why the other feller thinks and speaks as he does. Our country is divided and the young folks are not getting a fair shake!

They are being, in my humble opinion, fed a load of “crap” about political correctness, socialistic ideas, global warming, and racism that is so prevalent in today’s mainstream news. I worry we have lost our way and are struggling to find the courage to reclaim Norman Rockwall’s America. My America, your America, the good hearted, giving, forgiving and place where “hope” and “opportunity” are always available if you want it bad enough.

I forgot to mention my mailing address for ordering calendars last column. It is Jack Hanks, P.O. Box 825, Wellington, CO 80549. Please, no plastic, just checks or money orders. $12 buck will get you a 2020 Hoot’s calendar signed and postage paid.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, be kind to old folks, little kids, puppies and your mother-in-law, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

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Mad Jack Hanks

The cowboy in me


I reckon he has always been there. I also believe that most folks, male or female, that are or have been “cowboys” for a good portion of their lives also had that “cowboy” in them…

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