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What gives?

Okay, so today is Nov. 18 and you have already had Thanksgiving by the time you read this column.

Sure hope it was to your liking. Our family will not get together this year as other obligations have come up. Maybe Christmas? I reckon I’ll have myself a turkey sandwich or possibly go into town for a dinner at the local cafe. So, what gives? As I write this column the Kyle Rittenhouse jury has not rendered a verdict in his trial as we all wait patiently and I am a little nervous about the outcome. The trial at times was a comedy show from the prosecution from my point of view. The kid should have stayed home but I admire him for his courage and determination to help a friend save his business. You have all seen the videos, so what gives?

I bought my Christmas present this morning. I went in to pick up a gun that had been repaired at the gun shop. I stopped and looked at a 17 caliber rifle as I had heard so many good things about how fast they are and how accurate. I have prairie dogs across the road that stand up and beat their little chest, much like pro football players do at times, and they mock me. Well, now gentle readers, I have news for them. I reckon that new gun will get some use long before Christmas.

Had a low of 9 degrees this morning when I went in for coffee. It’s gettin’ cold for sure but will warm up a little until the next front comes in. What gives? I’ll tell ya what gives, it’s winter time and I think we have been blessed with some really nice weather.

So, as time passes, it appears that the Donkeys are coming apart at the seams. About time, don’t ya think? I ain’t talkin’ about the Denver Broncos, but they fit my narrative pretty well.

So, what gives? Is Kamala Harris on her way out the door? Is President Joe Biden going to continue to try and make us feel as if we are making progress and we should be happy to be where we are at presently? What gives? I betcha’ Randolf Scott, Charlie Brown, the Duke, and Mr. Eastwood could make all of this crap go away if we could get them all together. We could throw in Tucker Carlson, however, I am still a little “miffed” at the way he treated Gov. Kristi Noem from South Dakota. Love that woman and how about our own little pistol packin’ momma, Lauren, who took on the “squad” on the floor of the senate or house, I don’t remember. I will tell you that little gal is a fighter. You tough guys up there on the hill, why don’t you listen up and follow up. Love you too Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo. So, what gives? Well, we may have to wait until next year on the political end of things and Kyle, I hope that jury can see that if you had not shot those morons, you wouldn’t be here. God bless you buddy!

What gives, well, I’m out of bullets so let me close by saying, Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, “remember, it’s nice to be important, but it is so more important to be nice.” I’ll c. y’all, all y’all!

Mad Jack Hanks

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