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What have we learned?

I learned a “lot” when I decided to change careers and become a working ranch cowboy. I more or less had to start from scratch. But learn I did. I learned for the next almost 50 years and bet I would still be learning if I was a’horseback punchin’ cows. Of course ,we all learn, right? I think we all learn something every single day or at least we should if we are alive and awake. Life is all about learning, right, gentle readers? I think so. We learn from the moment we become functional after birth. One of my granddaughters who was born severely handicapped and now in her 20s cannot speak other than her own language. She cannot feed herself and is still in diapers but she learned some things in all those years. When she was just walking around age 13 or so, she loved toys that played music and she always had a string of beads which she was constantly twirling around even today. She brought her music toy which was not working to her dad and in her other hand she held a knife. Her dad, son, Andy, was somewhat concerned and took the knife away and tried to play with her some to appease her. She disappeared and came back with the toy and another knife and Andy finally figured out that her toy needed batteries and it took a screwdriver to open it up to install the batteries and that was what the knife represented. He replaced the batteries, she left happy as she could be listening to her music toy with flashing lights. I thought that was quite clever of her to express herself that way. She has taught all of us many lessons in her daily actions.

 In the long ago and far away Rome seemed to have it all. The beautiful cities, the massive structures in which they entertained themselves 2,000 years ago. The ruins of that magnificent place are still there, but as we learned in school, Rome fell. Why? They didn’t listen and they didn’t learn. Hummmm, does that sound familiar? If you look at America today compared to what America looked like 20 or 30 years ago, you can surely see that we might be headed in the same direction as Rome. The late Russ Limbaugh said we could never fall, we were AMERICANS!

We, as Americans have a lot to do to get our country back to where it needs to be. We are somewhat like the Romans were from what I have learned and it looks as if we may be making some of the very mistakes they did. What do you think, Charlie Brown? He might have to consult Lucy and Snoopy to get the answer he needs. I would sure rather listen to Snoopy and Lucy and Ol’ Charlie over what I hear some of our politicians spew out. Yes, we have some good, solid Americans in politics these days and we have some of the same Ol’ sorry ones as well and they will never leave until we give them the “boot!”

Trust me when I say I wish I was able to get on that good hoss and go prowlin’ through the cows and continue that part of my learning education. I miss it a lot. However, I do try to stay in the mix when it comes to agriculture in our state and actually, everywhere else. There are roads that lead in that direction and The Fence Post is one of the easiest to travel. Good job, guys! With that said, I hope Ol’ Rush was right and we must hang and rattle or whatever it takes to find our place in this world again.

 Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, Give yer wife and kids a big hug just so they know, there may be a time when you can’t. I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

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