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What now?

I got up this morning at 2 a.m. to go pee. When I got back in bed my mind began to wrestle with all of the events of these past few weeks. Things like the IRS collecting hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammo and hiring more than 80,000armed agents to collect our taxes. What now? Speaking of taxes, I received my Tabor refund this week. For you folks outside of Colorado, when we have overpaid our taxes, we get a refund unless we give the government permission to spend it elsewhere. Yep, gentle readers I received my $750 with a nice letter from the governor letting me know he wanted to help me by sending this check as he knew I might need it.

I threw the BS flag right away because it is an election year and he is being the politician that he has always been. A sorry one in my opinion. What now? Then there was the raid of over 30 heavily armed FBI and SWAT agents that stormed Mr. Trump’s personal home in Florida. They claim they were after documents that he, by the way, had offered to let them have some time back but they refused. That’s my understanding and of course we don’t have all the facts as of yet. It is reported they even went through Mrs. Trumps personal items and her clothes closet. What now? By now I was really getting mad, I mean mad as heck! Let me use a poor analogy here.

It would be like the toughest rough stock rider in the rodeo game getting his butt kicked by a skinny pencil armed, pony tailed, guy wearing flip flops and a PETA t-shirt! What a revolting development that would be! What now?

My mind wanted to go back to that time I spent in the saddle in the high country above Ridgway, Colo., prowling the timber and meadows checking on the cattle. What a peaceful time that was. I had a million things to think about but would have NEVER imaged I would have this kind of crap rushing through my head. I almost feel as if I have a boot on my neck and am helpless to a certain degree. What now? As a matter of fact, when I first heard about the IRS I bought two more pistols, one of which I carried on my hip when I went in for coffee this morning. I will not tolerate a government agent going through my underwear drawer! Yes, I do believe that there is so much distrust in our government any more that most of us are prepared to take on whatever challenge that faces us in the future. That was my protest against the new IRS What now?

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours mowing weeds in the pasture. I have gotten enough rain to bring the grass back and of course all of the various weeds. That was a time I enjoyed. I bought that new tractor over two years ago and it has less than 50 hours on it. No big blizzards to deal with here lately.

My son, Andy and grandson Isaiah, will be here tomorrow and spend a couple of days with me. I am excited to have them come over. I don’t drive over to the western slope anymore as I am not comfortable driving through the Denver traffic when I still have this double vision in my right eye. Man, I wish that would go away!

I need to get to the market and get some groceries bought for our family get together as my daughter Sunni and her family will come out as well. Fun time for grandpa.

Summer will wind down shortly as the mornings here are a little cool when I head out a little after six.

I am not ready for that first snowflake for sure, but the weather doesn’t give a hoot what I happen to be ready for.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, “The United States will eventually fly the Communist red flag and the American people will hoist it themselves!” Nikita Khrushchev. I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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