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What now brown cow?

I was not only dismayed, but angry when I heard the prime minister of our neighbor to the north, Canada, declare he would not allow any more pistols in that country. ARE YOU KIDDIN’ ME? This proper, sophisticated socialist showed the world what he and his agenda was all about. I began to wonder if my friends in Canada that have hunting camps, ranches, or whatever would take to the streets like the Canadian truckers did to protest.

I reckon we will have to wait and see. When I witness incidents like that my mind sometimes goes on a rampage and I begin to conger up situations that are not likely to happen, but what if they did? What now brown cow?

What if here in the good ol’ US of A it was illegal to raise any animal for consumption? I mean what if those animal rights folks put so much pressure on the government that meat animals were no more? The vegans would be happy but what now brown cow? No rancher is going to keep livestock he cannot market for income to continue his operations and feed his family and the rest of us. If he can’t afford to turn his ranch land into farm land or it’s not suitable for farming, what now brown cow? He turns them out onto the highway or county road and locks his gates. If he has federal land available, he will send them in that direction and with “good luck cows!” Same with hog and sheep ranchers. Those critters will be turned loose to roam where ever they can find a way to survive.

What now brown cow? Those ranchers in the sandhills of Nebraska, flint hills of Kansas and the panhandle of Texas and Oklahoma with no federal land available will just let’um out the gate and lock it behind them.

“Oh no, there are cows and hogs and sheep in my yard,“ the animal rights lady screams. Somebody needs to come and get them out of here. I don’t want them here. Humm, too late, too bad there are just so many of them roaming the streets and highways and townships looking for food, we can’t help you.

I know how ridiculous that all sounds but you gotta’ know that these morons have never even thought of the end results of what they are always wishing for. No more poor animals sent to slaughter, no more hunting those little deer and elk and moose and sheep and antelope and what not. They are all safe now and now with no more cows the wild horses will have all of the room they need to raise their families! What now brown cow? I’ll tell ya, what now brown cow, there will not be a blade of grass left on this planet and there will be rotting, stinking bodies of all types everywhere. Of course that creates a huge health hazard and here we go having to wear masks again. Lovely, don’t you think? No cows, less horses, no cowboys, no rodeos and that all adds up to no heroes. No one for a lot of little boys and girls to look up to except our first responders and they are a good choice for sure.

See, gentle readers, what happens to my brain when confronted with an issue like this is taking place in our good neighbor to the north. I would almost bet you if things don’t change and in a hurry in this country, all of this is coming to our neighborhood. NO WAY, MAD JACK, NO WAY! Yeah, well, I bet that’s what a lot of Canadians thought last month. All it takes is for us to just roll over and not fight. I say FIGHT LIKE HELL, and if any politicians get in out way, RUN OVER THEM!! Of course not literally or physically, but you get my drift. What now brown cow? Well, by golly, we are living in terrible times that are occupied by a lot of cowards and self centered windbags!

I say “RIDE HIGH WIDE AND HANDSOME WITH A PISTOL AND A SWORD“ by your side. You good guys and girls are out there, I know you are. You have the courage to rise up and put a stop to any nonsense that might rear it’s ugly head in the future.

Stay tuned, say your prayers, keep yer powder dry, be of substantial courage, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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