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What the …?

Gentle readers, I was on my way into meet mi Amigos for coffee a couple of days back and I was on the dirt road in front of the ONO that takes you straight to town. I use it only when it’s not all beat to hell. It was 6:45 in the morning and a couple of miles up the road I spot a dozen cows and calves on my right about to escape from the pasture behind this house and bolt out onto the road. I stop and sit down on the horn in order to, maybe turn them back or alert the folks in the nearby house that there is a stampede in progress. The cows stop, look at me and begin to mill around in a circle and eventually head back up the drive to the pasture. Satisfied that I have done all I can do, I look in my rear view, seeing no one, I start to turn back into the road when this lady flies by me at a high rate of speed. I did not see her until she was right out my driver’s door. Surely she could tell there was a problem with cows about to bolt into the road. All it would take would be one “bunch quitting calf” to run out in front of her and BAM! “What the ….? She is not a country gal. Country gals know better. Oh well.

I was listening to this wind bag yesterday who was president of the teacher’s union. She said, and I ain’t makin’ this up, “we have lawyers ready and willing to sue any parent that objects to us teaching Critical Race Theory” in our class rooms this fall.” About then, the top of my head blew off and my eyes began to bleed I was so upset at not only her brashness, but her stupidity. She goes on…” it’s time our children got the truth. America was bad in the beginning and it’s bad now and we have to correct it once and for all! (I paraphrase). “What the ….?”

We have all been in the market when we hear a screaming and bawling kid in a shopping cart somewhere in the store.

Mom or dad make no effort to quiet the child. Oh no, they must have the ability to express themselves in any manner they choose. Heck, I have seen them swipe food stuffs off the shelves into the aisle in their little hissy fit. I would just love to shove a rotten squash in their mouth and mom’s as well, but you know….” what the ….?”

I have taken it on myself to start waving at every car or truck I meet on the country roads in my area. I always wave early so they will be aware that they just “GOT WAVED AT!“ Most everyone, if they are paying attention, will get over the shock of a big Texas wave and wave back with a smile on their face. Some don’t! That’s right, there are some that must not be serious country folks because, well, we just don’t up and wave at people if we don’t know who they are!

I mean, they could be anybody, anybody at all that we don’t want to know.” Sour pusses! What the …..?

So there ya have it. My leg is healing well enough to maybe go dancin’ tomorrow night, I feel good and I’m glad I know you. No word on my calendars as of yet, but I will keep you informed.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, shock someone and wave at them, it will make both of you feel better, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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