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What’s new with you?

Well now, here’s what’s new with me right off the bat. I’ll go in to have this metal taken out of my leg that was placed there when I got bucked off two years ago. I’m excited to get that done. It just has always been a burden to try and find a compromise with that old leg and all that hardware in it and feel good about it. I have ordered calendars and will let you know when they are available and again, I thank you in advance for your kindness. It looks like there will be only one more after this one and we will have fulfilled our contract with these good folks after 28 years.

I see that good ol’ Texas is going to build their own border wall as Uncle Joe is neglecting to control the influx of illegal folks crossing over into Texas from all over the world. Some of them are BAD hombres with gang affiliations and they have found a few on their international terrorist list. Gov. Greg Abbott is also letting Texans arm themselves without having to get a permit. I think they have about had it under the current circumstances.

Inflation is affecting us all as we try to pay our bills and keep our heads above water. There again we can turn to Uncle Joe to place the blame where it needs to be placed. Last year I could fill my truck with petrol for about $40 something dollars and now… well it’s almost double that amount. Yep, and how about all this heat. I will just up and tell you that I agree with the 97% of the scientist that say they believe that climate change is real, so do I. The climate is constantly changing… right? Let’s leave it there. We have been this hot before and will be this hot again. It is concerning that so much of the country is under a severe drought, however, we have been here before and will be again.

Yes, our world is in a crisis mode and we wait patiently for someone to take control of all of this unbelievable nonsense that is taking place. We have been sidetracked and many seemingly are still a little unstable after having our government dictate what, when and where we could go for the last year and a half. This little story goes in the “stupid is as stupid does” department. I heard on the news today that a woman upset because she had trouble getting her hair under control decided to… “I know, I’ll just put a little Gorilla Glue in there and that will make it lay down.” Lay down it did. It took several weeks to get her hair unstuck. Man, I don’t know about some folks.

There are bound to be better days ahead. We will have to expect some uncomfortable times and some really good times along with the ones that we don’t care for. That’s life. Grab the bull by the horns and start twisting for all you are worth.

I am looking for a better summer when I get this leg operated on. The doc says it may help and it may not, but at least I won’t know unless I try. Be safe dear friends, wear that sunscreen and heck, go ahead and drink out of the garden hose if you like. Until next week.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, stay cool and be cool, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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