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Where is my horse?

Tales from the ONO Ranch
Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

Gentle readers, where is that pony I’m lookin’ for? Do you happen to have my pony? I was graciously offered a beautiful mare, free of charge, by the way. The folks with this gift are an elderly (and of course I’m not) ranch couple out on the prairie east of Ault, Colo. I took the granddaughter, Kailee, and we drove out yesterday (May 20) to try out this mare. Man, she was a looker, so I got her saddled and the folks wanted to ride out and gather a little bunch of pairs close to the house and pen them. On the way back to the corrals I had this mare in a fast trot and she was so rough my foot and leg from my “hoss wreck” last May was taking a beating. I had been to the surgeon a couple days prior for a follow up to see if I could in fact get back to riding. He gave me the go ahead as the metal plate and nine screws in my leg and ankle were where they should be. “If it hurts you or bothers you, ya better hold off until we can take another look,” he offered. My foot never quit hurting since the wreck so I wanted to find a horse with a smooth gait. This beautiful FREE mare was not that way so Kailee and I tossed my saddle back in the trailer, I thanked my guest again and again for their generosity and we headed home.

If you have that 14/2-15/2 hand horse that is BROKE, will cross water, has been around cattle, no cribbers, no cholic, no founder, will load up and rope if necessary and is not “herd bound” and he/she can be an older horse that you want to sell, please email me at onoranch@msn.com. I will sure come take a look if you are reasonably close and of course I will pay accordingly to what I think your horse is worth to me.

Memorial Day has passed and if I understand history correct, over six hundred and fifty thousand folks gave up their lives since WW1 so we could live our lives in a free country! Look at where we are now. I have to tell you children, I am one MAD, MAD JACK and I get madder with every passing day to see what Colorado is becoming under our suppressive and controlling, power hungry governor. If anyone defies his orders he drops the hammer and makes our lives more demanding, demeaning, disgusting and of course so many are hurting because there is no SCIENCE to what he is commanding his servants to put up with! I never ever thought I would see a population lay down so fast to be run over by their local and state government. I’m sick of it. In my opinion, WE HAVE BEEN HAD! Let every government employee go without pay for three or four months and stay inside to be SAFE! What a ridiculous command! Okay, I’m done here, “and that’s all I have to say about that,” (Forrest Gump).

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, remember, socialism is not an experiment, it is and will always be a dismal failure and parasitic system for those who refuse to contribute the sweat of their brow while holding out their hand! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. ❖

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