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Who am I?

Who am I? Better yet, gentle reader, what am I? I remember being called a deplorable and someone who was irredeemable by ol’ Hilary. Remember that? Sorta’ hurt my feelings because I knew it just wasn’t so. Along comes my governor who not so long ago called me a selfish bastard. Great Scott! I didn’t know those folks even knew who I was and yet they are slapping labels on me as if we had been friends at one time. Me thinks that if I was deplorable or irredeemable, I would have no friends at all. I have lots of friends and appreciate each and every one that is kind enough to hang with me on occasions either in this column or in person.

I really do have it figured out and so do you… hummmm? Tell something often enough and all of a sudden it becomes the TRUTH!

That is the plan the progressives have been using for a long, long time and somehow or other, it seems to be working on a lot of folks. Recently they have begun this campaign of draggin’ us conservatives through the mud until they can get us “re-educated” or enlightened to the point where we WILL agree with whatever they throw at us. We not only will agree with them, we will begin to be like them and surely, we will be much happier as we go through life. Truth is they firmly believe that we are not only incompetent, but stupid as well. I would like to see one of them climb into one of the newer tractors and set the computers where the field will be cultivated as should be. Maybe they need to take a colt out in the round pen and get a saddle on him and start the ground work he will need to become a usable horse. Oh, I know, how about setting up a working group of pens with a portable scale and loading alley and of course a working squeeze chute and have everything one might need there to work, weigh or even ship several loads of cattle. I would almost bet you they couldn’t go in the kitchen and fix a good meal for the harvesting crew or the branding crew. They wouldn’t have a clue. They have lived in their superficial glass houses for so long while deciding what is best for you and I, they are the ones that are dysfunctional, fearful, and so soft they would perish in a good west Texas windstorm. I heard a suggestion just the other day and it went like this… “when you feel lonely, depressed and fearful, you need to find your safe place. If it’s your home or your mother’s house, you need to go there and stay. While you are out, however, you might pick up a potted plant and take it home with you. It can give you comfort as you nourish it and watch it grow for it will be safe with you. WHAT??? Folks, this is where we are headed if we don’t get our voices heard loud and clear. I did not agree with the folks that stormed the capital and fought with the capitol police. I was alarmed when I heard a policeman had been killed and I also saw the video where a capitol policeman shot and killed an unarmed young woman who was there to protest. She was shot through a window and not even in the same room as the man who killed her. If any good came of any of this, it would be, in my opinion, the swamp critters got the holy crap scared out of them and I believe they got the message, “you don’t jerk on Superman’s cape” or continue to pull the football away from Ol’ Charlie Brown when he tries so hard to get along. Friend, Lee Pitts said it all in his recent column, “So melt already.” Great column Lee!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, take a deep breath and float on yer back for a while, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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