Who are these guys?

While watching the noon news out of Denver today I was interested in a news story about school starting in some of the Denver schools. This particular teacher was so excited to have her elementary class back for another year. While she was showing the television person around the room I noticed on the bulletin board a poster that read, “peaceful fights for equal rights!” WHAT? There was an artist rendering of every race of folks on the planet, well every one, but a white person! So, here we go. First, I didn’t know you could have a peaceful fight. Secondly, who are these guys promoting the narrative of white folks being the bad guys? I have been told it’s the teacher’s union that is promoting this kind of thinking. You know, America is a bad, evil place for everyone but those with white privilege and off we go into never, never land. Are these really evil folks that truly want to destroy the America that you and I love and that so many have given their lives to defend?

Howard was telling us about a 2-year-old colt he was getting ready to send to the track for training and what a horrible temper he had. (the horse, not Howard).

“I went in to feed him yesterday morning and he charged me with his mouth wide open”!

Is this teacher’s union, are they like that? It appears that maybe most of them are. It also appears that they want a socialist, Marxist, type of government in our beloved America.

Of course, the obvious question is: if we are so, so evil, why does the rest of the world make every effort to come here? Oh, I know, to get away from countries that have a system of government like I just described.

I know most teachers, at least the ones I know, would never agree to teaching such crap as this critical race theory. I have a date tomorrow night with a retired elementary principle and I would never ask her if I thought she bent in that direction.

Folks, it IS COMING to a city near you if not your city. I am encouraged by so many parents standing up to local school boards over, not only masking their little ones, but leading them down a path that in the future will for sure change our country to the point we will not recognize it. I’m afraid that we will look back and say, “why didn’t someone do something?”

This publication and ol’ Mad Jack are trying to do something. One of my original quotes is. “Little minds like little hands will go in the direction in which they are lead!” God help us all if enough of us don’t stand up, stand tall, not back up or back down or we will witness our America coming apart at the seams. “Can’t we all just get along?” NOT ME PAL, NOT WITH the likes of the teacher’s union and these morons in charge of my America!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, speak up, speak loudly and speak often, and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

Side bar, get yer calendars while they are available.


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