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Win some-lose some

Gentle readers, we should all know by now that we are in a huge conflict for the sanity and recovery of what America used to stand for. There will be winners and losers. The shepherd boy, David and the giant warrior, Goliath, and Custer and the Seventh Cavalry and Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse. Win some-lose some!

You may have seen this young man, Justin Awad, interviewing folks, mostly young people in downtown New York, City. Simple questions like, who was our first president, answer from a guy, “I dunno, Abe Lincoln?”

Young lady is asked, “how many eggs in a dozen?“ answer, “ten.” Question to a young man, “what two countries border America on the north and south?” answer, “ugh, North America and South America?” Question, “what is the capital of America?” “AMERICA HAS A CAPITAL?… I don’t know!” On and on he goes and these are well dressed folks that you might meet on the street of any large city. It’s very sad what our education system has produced these past years. These young folks would be able to tell you who the best rap artist in their opinion is, and or where to purchase the latest clothing styles, what they cost and where is the best place to buy marijuana for your night on the town. Some of these idiots will be voting! WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Win some-lose some.

You may have heard where Bill Gates, high tech guy, and one of the largest owners of farm land in our country had paid a research company to come up with THESE RESULTS: Are ya ready for this? Here is what his research came up with after being bribed and paid off. M&Ms are more healthy for us than a GOOD BEEF STEAK! Hard to believe that he thinks we are that stupid. However, given the example I just gave you about the folks being interviewed in New York, why wouldn’t he think that we are all that stupid? Of course, Mr. Gates has a plan and that is to get rid of all animals that a person would want to have for dinner, except maybe fish! Our Gov. Jared Polis here in Colorado is the same way. HE DOES NOT LIKE LIVESTOCK OF ANY KIND. We are supposed to be okay with that. We are not! Nope, go to any county fair and get on your soapbox and start preachin’ to a bunch of kids, who with their parents, have worked their butts off to raise market animals that they shouldn’t be doin’ that, and see what happens next. Those kids have just had a good education in responsibility, financing, planning and marketing that they most likely wouldn’t get anywhere else. Win some-lose some.

As I see it at present, we have lost so much in our America in the past few years. We have lost for the most part, how to apply common sense to running this country. These morons in Washington, not all, but way too many, are like the nut jobs in the asylum running the place. Most of them have never been where we have been or where we are at present. They all have deep pockets like Mr. Gates and that for some reason or another, makes them smarter and wiser than us. Not so. They live on a different planet and they are not at all like us. However, they feel the need to direct our lives when it best serves THEIR NEEDS! We are in this war guys and it’s not time to “hang and rattle,” it’s time to “whip and spur!” We just can’t lose this one, not now. It is now or never.

In my opinion, our President, Mr. Biden, has divided us right down the middle and continues to do so every day. The man is not responsible, he is weak minded and not capable of directing our America in the direction I think we need to go. God bless you and God bless America again!

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, Go big or go home, I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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