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Wok up

Gee whiz, gentle readers, I do hope we have all WOK UP by now. Actually, I have had a gut full of this outrageous windstorm of blabber that has consumed us all these past couple of years. I hope you didn’t miss Lee Pitt’s column in the July 25 edition of this fine paper. It was titled, There was a time. Lee, mi’ amigo, that went straight to the core of our issues today. So well written that I don’t honestly believe that the late Paul Harvey could have presented it any better. Kudos my friend. Folks, if you missed this column, for Pete’s sake go back and read it. It was that good! It smacks us right in the kisser to where we are today and why we are becoming the weak, struggling, sometimes hopeless society that we seem to be. No guts, no glory! I think one way to cure some of these desperate feelings is to go support your local rodeo. You will see real Americans there with that American fighting spirit. You know that, lead or get out of the way attitude. I am “WOK UP” to here and I hope you are as well. With that said, allow me to get this off my chest. I may be speaking out of turn as I may not have all the facts, BUT, I see where some cattlemen’s groups are considering trying to appease the wok crowd by saying they will make a more sincere effort to control the amount of emissions from whatever livestock they are in charge of.

WHAT? I suggest that maybe you guys should reconsider that little plan. Why? Well, in your own way you are admitting to that bunch of idiots that you are part of the problem. You ain’t! No ma’am, your cows out in the fresh air moving around or even in a dairy situation or a feedlot are not going to cause the ice caps to melt and put New York City under water. These Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez disciples are as loony, in my opinion, as she is. Well, now, there are folks out there that elected her and she created such a storm with her drama on the political front, the wok crowd, wok up and embraced her and her lunacy as she made them very afraid to object to anything she said or did. On the flip side of the coin we have our Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., in congress. You know our little package of explosives with a heart for America and our constitution and all of the good things Mr. Pitts wrote about.

Yes, she creates a storm as well, but by golly it’s the kind of storm that inspires most of the rest of us to stand and cheer. The same goes for Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota. I love a strong woman of principles and one who is not afraid or ashamed to stand up to these morons in control of our sacred America.

At some point and time, I believe there will be the first guy who farms that will go all electric. No, he won’t be your average farmer, he will have deep pockets filled with coin that came to him by some other means. He will step into the spotlight on CNN or one of the wok channels and will be hailed as a hero.

A progressive having the courage to step out and be a shining light for others to follow. He might even get an invitation to one of Joe Biden’s ice cream parties. Who knows. Just the same, I would bet we never, ever get to see his bottom line when it comes to farming.

I know, I unloaded on you again but I’m gonna’ blame Lee Pitts for my ranting. I was so pumped up after reading his column, I had to get some of this off my chest.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and remember, “the world needs more cowboys” and I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.


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