Yellowstone revisited |

Yellowstone revisited

Yep, gentle readers, let’s take another look at Yellowstone from one of my readers by the name of Lance. Lance sent me a rather long email going back over his life and experiences as a cowboy, rancher and calf roper. It appears that his family owned a ranch back in the 1970s south of Denver. They began to experience many of the same problems when developers moved in and began to buy up properties. Taxes got high and Lance (family) had to sell off part of the ranch to continue on. He listed many things that happened in the Yellowstone series to what happened on his ranch including gunfights (nobody killed). He made a very solid case as to why he thought I should go back and take another look. So here we are Lance, and I think maybe you should write a book on your past. I would buy one for sure.

Here’s the deal: That whole bunch on Yellowstone, John Dutton’s family and John are dysfunctional as most television series families are. I don’t disagree with the narrative of the episode as I do with the language used. Yes, I know for sure that big money talks and there are those with big money that shake and move mountains when necessary. I will also admit that I have cheated. Yep, I admit it! I switched over from Sunday Night football during a break and caught the 6666 Ranch there in Texas.

I am very familiar with those large ranches down there and “who shot John” when it comes to their values, their livestock and the folks that own them and their managers. Those folks are “cowboys” to the core and if you have been employed on any of those reputation ranches for any length of time, you are respected as a “sure nuff” puncher like Boots O’Neil. Eighty-seven and still works a’horseback most of the time. He is legendary in Texas and all cowboy circles much like Tom Blasingame who died at 91 out alone checking cows miles from home. So let us just assume that since that Yellowstone bunch was sent off to a Montana ranch to get some “schoolin'”, we might find a little more realism in the series. I will GUARANTEE you readers this much, you will NEVER hear a ranch manager on any of those reputation ranches use language like is used in Yellowstone with women or children around! That was my whole point.

Have I, Mad Jack, used “blue streak” wording while workin’ a bunch of heifers? For sure. I could recolor some of my language now if I made an effort to do so. Perhaps I will make that a New Year’s resolution. Will I watch Yellowstone again? Most likely if they are doing some realistic “cow work” or bronc riding. Okie dokie, I guess that about does it. Thanks for the email Lance and remember to “keep yer hip pockets lower than yer eyebrows when a horseback! Just a side note, Lance is a real estate broker.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion, I, for sure hope this next year will bring better results in the political arena, good luck and Happy New Year to you all! I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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