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Well now gentle readers, how about this television series call Yellowstone that has so many folks clinging to every episode? I will try to sum up my opinion after watching it since it started. I think it is HOLLYWOOD with poco (Spanish for little) meat and potatoes. I liked it in the beginning as it was totally different and a little off the wall. That being said, I think now it is a vile, disgusting, crude and unbelievable display of nothing of value, at least for me. Do I still watch it? Maybe, if I happen to need that sort of entertainment.

The truth is, having been a ranch manager for very wealthy folks and having a number of employees, on one ranch around 15, the other, eight, none of what happens on Yellowstone ever took place on the ranches I managed.

I never took anyone to the “train station” and shot them because I didn’t approve of them or their behavior.

In this series we have K.C., ranch owner of this beautiful and expansive ranch trying to keep a lid on one wild daughter, one son who is a lawyer and has accidently killed a prominent woman and covered it up to having another son who is married to a native American and has a little boy. They also live on the ranch which the Indian girl does not want to be a part of. Talk about a family that is out of step with the average family, this is it.

Years ago when the series “Dallas” was popular, I managed a ranch east of Dallas that was owned by the family of H.L. Hunt, the wealthy oil man of that time. Most folks thought that the series was based on his offspring who still carried on the family’s enterprise, and it could have very well been. My supervisor at one time had been H.L.’s personal assistant and he told me stories that would curl yer hair. With that aside, it would in no way compete with Yellowstone. I reckon for folks that have never been around ranching and ranch families, they might embrace a lot of what they consume on this series. I doubt if it holds it’s audience too much longer. It is too crude with all of the “F” words that have no place, in my opinion, in any work environment when woman and children are involved. Just sort of shows us where we are headed, if not already there, as a society. It bothers me. The series is just too heavy handed, too crude and in fact, just stupid. I don’t know how else to put it.

If you are a fan, just take it with a grain of salt, and as salty as it is, you just may not need to add any more.

By the way, I have had folks want to order calendars and not know how, so here ya go. Jack Hanks, P.O. Box 825, Wellington, CO or

They are $15 bucks and for every three you order I will send you an 8 1/2 X 11 original pen and ink cartoon of my choosing. I pay the postage and sign all the calendars. Thanks again.

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and remember, “the welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants”! (Albert Camus). I’ll c. y’all, all y’all.

Mad Jack Hanks

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