You need to own it |

You need to own it

Tales from the ONO Ranch
Mad Jack Hanks
Wellington, Colo.

Gentle readers, I have always, well nearly always, had the need to take responsibility for my actions.

With that said, last column I jumped on the “donkeys” that manage the affairs of the city of Fort Collins, Colo. I had gotten two citations when I parked in the city’s downtown parking garage while I was on jury duty. I complained about not only them but the amount. They were both legitimate citations, one for illegal parking and the other for an out of date license plate. I paid both. I apologize to the “donkeys” for my outrage. I do for now, but wait, there is more.

On my way to the courthouse to settle up on my out of date plates I stopped for coffee with “wheat King Dave” and Bill. I was discussing my situation and saying I just didn’t understand how I could have missed driving around on out of date plates for 13 months! Bill says, “I know how.” I responded, “Why, how did it happen Bill?” “Jack, in late 2018 the county replaced all of their computers and they did not send out any notices, cause I had the same thing happen to me and I got a ticket is the only reason I knew.” Now it all made sense and I headed off to the courthouse with a little ammunition to confront them with. Finally I got to take my turn at renewing my plates. I explained to the nice lady I had no idea my plates were expired until I got a ticket. “I know now why I didn’t know… you guys changed out your computers and didn’t send out any notices and I just assumed my plates were good.” She got defensive and mumbled something that she felt would justify her position and then handed me a bill for TWO AND ONE HALF TIMES my normal plate renewal would have cost. I almost lost my cool as I looked at the invoice. There was a $100 late fee, the bridge and road fee, the school bond issues, the clerk’s fee and on and on. Now children, it’s time for the city of Fort Collins to own up to their responsibilities to the citizens of our county. Will they? Of course not. They are “donkeys” trying to collect every single penny they can, spend that and ask for more. That’s what “donkeys” do. By the way my property tax along with my neighbors doubled this year. Yep I said DOUBLED! There is more growth, building and expanding in this county that their money bags should be overflowing.

I know, I know, I could shut my mouth and pack up and leave if I don’t like it here. I do like it here. I like the ONO Ranch and all my neighbors and some of my family lives close by. I needed to vent and I have and will most likely vent some more in the future.

“Pull quote.”

Stay tuned, check yer cinch and your license plates on occasion, take responsibility for your actions and hope all others will do the same. I’ll c. y’all, all y’all. This publication may or may not agree with my opinion. ❖

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