Mad Jack- Tales From the O-NO Ranch 8-6-12 |

Mad Jack- Tales From the O-NO Ranch 8-6-12

What exactly is country living one might ask? I reckon that depends on who is going to give their personal opinion or definition. Of course in this column you will get mine.

I think there are a lot of different avenues to country living. It has changed a lot since the 40s and 50s and 60s. Back in 1950 if you lived right on the edge of Otis, Colo.,. r Hale Center, Texas you would have considered yourself as living in “town.” Apply that same principle today and you just might be of the opinion that you are “country living.” The reason I say that gentle readers is because in some of these really small towns there will be as many pickup trucks and farm equipment in town as there is any other type of vehicle. That’s sort of like country living isn’t it?

Today in the hectic, fast paced surround sound world that we live in it appears that more folks are just wanting to get OUT! They just want to find that little place where it’s impossible to hand a cup of sugar over to your neighbor’s house out of the kitchen window. They need a little space. More space for the kids to play and maybe even have some animals like a goat, chickens, rabbits or even a horse or two. It may be on two acres or five acres but at least it’s out of town and away from the screaming sirens and constant vehicle emissions and traffic noise.

I like having neighbors living around me but not right next to me. I enjoy sitting on the front deck sometimes in the morning or evening and watching my neighbors either going off to work or coming home or just goin’ somewhere. As I told a woman who stopped to visit with me at Jax Farm and Ranch store last Saturday on “Day of the American Cowboy,” that we live in awkward times, We do. We live in a fast changing world where it seems so many different groups of folks want us to take up their banner and follow them instead of all of us being under the same banner. It’s confusing to young folks, I believe. I think that a good many of them are running around in circles trying to decide which group they should assign to themselves. It’s crazy, it’s just plain crazy.

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Where are we headed and why? I think a good many more folks are headed to the country where they believe that they just might find some peace and quiet and have another opportunity to check and see if their collective heads are indeed screwed on the right way. That’s certainly not to say that folks that live in town and have always lived in town don’t have the same values that what most country folks have. Many do and they are comfortable living where they do and all of the noise and whatever goes with living in a congested area is okay with them . God bless ’em. If everyone lived in the country, there wouldn’t be much country left, now would there?

I love the country. I have lived in the country most of my life, take away a few short years in town. As I get older I don’t much relish the thoughts of a harsh winter and having to get out in it and tend to livestock or get on an open top tractor and move big snow drifts when it’s 20 below and the wind is howling. Stack that up against living in town and I’ll take country every time. How about you?

Stay tuned, check yer cinch on occasion and I’ll c y’all, all y’all. ❖

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