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Mike Rowe WORKS Foundation Scholarships

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March 15, 2023, is the first day applications can be made for the Mike Rowe Foundation Scholarships. His name is synonymous with the TV shows “Dirty Jobs,” and “How America Works,” both which cover jobs of the working man or woman. The individuals who are down in the trenches, not sitting behind a desk directing others to do the work. That is the impetus for his foundation’s scholarships — they will go to those who want to learn a hands-on trade.

There is financial help for students who want to attend technical or vocational skills. His WORKS Foundation assists students who want to get education in certain fields. The website is MikeRoweWorks.org. Sign up for his news blasts to keep up with the deadlines and read encouraging posts. Rowe is a proud supporter of those who want to work hard. A quick look at his website will give viewers a chance to check out various videos of scholarship recipients.

Rowe has each scholarship recipient sign his “S.W.E.A.T. pledge — which stands for Skills and Work Ethic Aren’t Taboo,” because his philosophy is jobs need to be filled with trained workers who are willing to work. The scholarships require recipients to sign that pledge which consists of 12 statements. Roughly summarized they are: the recipient is grateful to be an American, recognizes the meaning of the pursuit of happiness, every job is an opportunity, passion is vital to success, debt is a negative in life, safety depends on you, show up early and stay late to stand out from the crowd, no whining, learn from all sources available, take responsibility — good or bad, the world is not fair, and choose to work hard.

Good money can be made too. Read the many success stories on his website.

Rowe’s philosophy is anyone who is willing be a responsible, dedicated worker, and wants to earn a good living can find a place in the trades. The classes offered at a technical school might include culinary, computer aided design, wind turbine technology, various careers in health services, computers, farm and ranch management, business, EMT and paramedic, truck driver, automotive, diesel, robotics, machining and manufacturing, library technician, plumbing, electrician, welding, GIS mapping, media communications, horticulture technology and medical coding are a smattering of the courses available. Several are offered paid internships along with guaranteed employment after completion.

Sign up for updates through the website MikeRoweWorks.org for specifics. An applicant must be enrolled or enrolling in a program, write a short essay as decided by the foundation, create a short video, provide references, send school transcript, detail the costs of your chosen school and your financial situation. As you can see, the application takes a bit of time and thought, and the payoff can be substantial.

Since the establishment of the scholarships in 2008, $6.7 million dollars have been given out. In 2023 alone, 28 were given out to girls and boys in the states of Wyo., S.D., Neb., Mont., and Colo. Other students throughout the country received the balance. No matter where you live in the U.S., you can get a piece of the scholarship pie. Take the time to apply.

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