Milo Yield: Laugh Tracks in the Dust 12-24-12 |

Milo Yield: Laugh Tracks in the Dust 12-24-12

I penned this poem for Christmas, 1994. It was published back then, but I thought it was time to dust the poem off again for a well-deserved rerun.

A Good Shepherd’s Christmas

Down on the farm,

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the Christmas Season

gives a calloused shepherd

the perfect reason.

To silently show a caring, reflective side,

that he usually goes to pains to hide.

When he goes to the barn

on Christmas morn,

he finds a Lamb there freshly born.

The ewe is a special one he sees

as he drops to check her on his knees.

Her ear-tag proves she’s

“Joseph’s Mary,”

a registered ewe from

the High Plains prairie.

He’s a bit surprised

by this new Lamb,

’cause he didn’t think

Mary’d been with the ram.

The circumstances puts his

mind to work

and he sees a connection

to that special birth.

That occurred in a humble barn

far away,

that gave us the true meaning of

Christmas Day.

So, he gives the ewe

some extra feed,

and cares for her every

want and need.

He turns the heat lamp

on full high

— to assure this Newborn

will survive.

As the Lamb lustily

takes its first suck,

he discovers with pride

that it’s a buck.

It’s robust and strong,

well-filled-out, too,

for a newborn Lamb

from so young a ewe.

He marvels as the ewe

gives it careful nurture,

and he thinks about this

new Lamb’s future.

He knows it’s bloodline is

common at best.

But he suspects it will stand out

above the rest.

Of the lambs that’ll be

born into his flock,

so he decides to name it

“Mary’s Rock.”

“The qualities of this Special Lamb

can do a lot for both Sheep and Man.”

“I’ll share his genes

from coast to coast.

That’s how I can improve

God’s Sheep the most.”

So, he returns to the house,

his heart in song.

And his wife asks him,

“What took so long?”

“Nuthin’ special,” he says

as he hangs up his coat.

But I’m sure ready for

that hot bowl of oats.”


From ol’ Milo and Nevah Yield, here’s the best of Holiday Greetings to you and yours. May your holiday season and New Year be filled with happiness, peace of mind, prosperity and good weather.

Those are my words of wisdom for this week. Have a good ’un. ❖

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