County Extension Agents |

County Extension Agents

Behold the county agricultural agent

Socially upstanding, man or woman of toil.

Their knowledge covers everything

From helping people to tilling the soil.

And this knowledge they dispense

Every hour of every day,

To folks around their county

Who bring aggie problems their way.

Animal care and crops diseases,

Home gardening and pesticides.

These are just a sample

Of things on which they decide.

Night meetings, Saturdays, and Sundays, too.

That’s the schedule of their fate.

And the reason for their reddened eyes

And why they get to the office late.

They take research to the people

But, when in practice it turns out bad.

They’re the folks who take the rap,

And not the guy in the lab.

And through it all ag production grows

And problems continually unravel.

In direct relation to the time they spend

And the number of miles they travel (on gravel).

Now the home agent’s primary program is people.

Young, old, rich, poor, black and white.

Helping them take better stock of themselves

And make lots more of their lives.

Her on-going program is individual …

And group … teaching of homemaking skills.

But more and more she finds herself

Involved in society’s ills.

Broken homes, malnutrition, the polluted environment,

To these things she gives her attention.

As well as a wide variety of others

That are just too numerous to mention.

Her reward comes in knowing she’s helped many others

By satisfying their need for learning.

In making homes more pleasant and lives more happy,

By helping folks stretch their earnings.

Now the 4-H youth agents’ program is straight from the heart

Their work has invaluable meaning.

In helping your youngsters find out for themselves

Which direction in life they are leaning.

By leading them through their project work,

Kids develop and sharpen their wits

And teaching the value of the worthwhile things

Creates leaders and develops good citizenship.

And through it all they’re diplomats

Soothing parents whose kids haven’t won.

‘Cause the parents have labored and done the work

That their kid should have actually done.

But take a close look and you’ll usually see

An agent who loves kids and truly cares

So, they find more time to spend with your own

Than they manage to find for theirs.

Now add up all three — ag, home ec, and youth

And see what they end up giving.

There seems little question — counties where they work

Are a much better places for living.


Words of wisdom for the week: “I’m getting tired of being a part of a major historical event.”

Have a good ‘un.

Milo Yield


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