FP 2023 Ford Super Duty

Yes the 2023 trucks are coming, although it may not be until the end of the year. Supply shortages, labor problems, chip shortages; it’s been a strange year after two already strange years. But we’re seeing new truck launches coming.

Chevy/GM heavy duty is changing in 2024, Ram Rebel is going to a heavy duty in 2023 and Ford will have a 2023 that is mostly new. I went to the 2023 Super Duty launch in Detroit last month. Ford has two new engines for a total of four. We don’t have power numbers yet, but Ford will slowly issue stats for engine power ratings, towing and payload numbers as usual. The new 6.8L is just a smaller version of the 7.3L both gas and both push rod. In diesels, new is the High Output 6.7L. Both have water cooled turbo’s. The truck OEM’s copy each other just as much as trailer OEM’s tend to do. That is good for us as consumers, as great new features eventually are available on our favorite brands. So Ford Super Duty for 2023 has copied great safety features from GM. My favorite is the camera under the towing mirrors. If you are in tow haul mode and the turn signal on, the camera will show you all the way to the back of your trailer on that side. And it’s a wide angle, so you can see several lanes on that side. That’s so important when trailering. Another gift from GM, are the steps built into the rear bumper. The latest fad is tailgate wars, all kinds of steps and barn doors to make it easier to get into your truck bed. But the corner step cut out of the ends of your bumper can be used all the time including when hooked up to gooseneck or conventional trailers. This includes a hand hole in the bedrail for climbing in the bed. I even bought an aftermarket bumper to get the corner steps. Next shared from GM is the side step at the bottom of the bed so you can step up into the tall trucks and reach into your cross-over tool boxes.

Of course the new Super Duty has different grills, headlights, fog lights, taillights and wheels. But wait there’s more. Along with a bigger center screen is HUD or Heads up Display, just like fighter jets. Ford was the last truck to get it, but it’s a big safty factor. You can do it all just looking out your windshield with no excuse for taking your eyes off the road. There is even trailer towing data on your windshield. Also inside, the driver’s side seat can lay down flat. Of course I take naps on long drives, so I’m excited about getting this. This came out in the F150 and was discontinued the last model year. For 2023, the center console doesn’t fold over as a table like the F150 but the Super Duty with front bench seat for three people and a seat console, slides forward and back and pivots toward the driver for a working platform for your laptop and Big Mac. I made something like this years ago when I was at horse expos around the country.

Improved braking and a larger axle option will accommodate the “best in class” towing numbers as soon as they are declassified. Another trailering feature will tickle first timer’s as the truck can back up and align up your hitch to the trailer coupler. The truck will steer and apply brakes without you. And for goosenecks, if you’re like me backing up to a gooseneck, you have to stop before hitting the trailer and drop the tail gate down. Now the tailgate has it’s own camera on the top edge with sensors so with the tailgate down, you can see the gooseneck coming at you with a picture in picture in the big center stack screen. I can use that as I have my tailgate down often, with loads and now I can see the neighbor waving his arms to stop before I knee cap him. For RV’ers with those 12.5 foot tall trailers with top AC that could decapitate their trailer top at a low bridge, Ford has an option to map out your GPS journey after you tell the computer how tall, wide, long and weight of your trailer to map out the safe route. The Tremor Super duty now will have a tire tracking camera so you don’t fall off a cliff and a rear braking feature to lock up the inside rear tire to pivot on switch backs. Get excited, the future is coming.


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