SEMA Show 2021 |

SEMA Show 2021

No SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show last year, this year had to be moved to the first week of November. SEMA is the convention in Las Vegas where all the cool modified cars and truck and accessories are presented to dealers. I’ve gone to it for more than 15 years. It started with a Ford Bronco event Nov. 1, went to the Nevada Bronco rodeo. There are four of these around the country at off-road parks, so if you bought a new Bronco you can go there and learn how to climb rocks. I’ve been to one of these for the Ford Raptor in Utah. This event was to introduce the new 2023 Bronco DR off-road racer with a V-8, giant tires, no windows and super shocks, race ready for desert racing with the big boys and girls. From the factory race ready for only $250,000.

On Nov. 2 SEMA will be held in a new gigantic West Hall. This is supposed to be the largest open span building in the U.S. Of course I would have preferred it to be a multi-level parking garage. Parking is terrible at SEMA. Good thing Ford loaned me a new Maverick truck to drive to Vegas. I snuck it into small free parking spaces and the Vegas Convention Center police are probably still looking for me. The compact Maverick I drove was a crew cab 2×4 hybrid that got 35 mpg flying across Utah at 80 mph. I did actually get 53 mpg in the city once using the brakes often. The Bronco DR and the Maverick videos are available on YouTube at http://www.MrTruck. There are TV shows and more videos about cool new accessories from SEMA.

SEMA is over 200 acres and walking all of it is not for this old man. Fortunately new this year is the Tesla Tunnel. It’s two tunnels that go under from the new West Hall to the Central Hall to the South Hall in 45 seconds. They wouldn’t let me drive. There were like 40 cars making amazing trips where I met folks from other countries who were riding with me. There were all different lights surrounding the tunnels and it was free and fast. Next year the cars might drive themselves. At the end of the South Hall was the big round bit that drilled the tunnels. It’s hard to explain how big and intense SEMA is. Kind of like describing the Grand Canyon. First night was in the Venetian, my room was same size as my house. Then I came to my senses and went to my old stand by, Longhorn Casino and Hotel. It’s were the old folks go, cheap rooms and cheap food.

On Nov. 3, Kelsey came this year, so all my accessory reviews have her asking the questions. I was the camera man, usually my son Dave runs the camera, or son Eric or friend Rick Vorce. Everyone wants to go to SEMA. I used to bring my wife Ruth and grandkids. Miss those days. First video interview was Sulastic. They have a leaf spring shackle that has embedded rubber in it to dramatically improve the ride of an empty truck. This year they did the same thing for trailer leaf springs, I’ve got to try them. Next video was the Rescue Winch from Michael Hall. He’s always inventing things, he had the Hall Gauge that could measure your trailer, payload and tongue weight with a gadget plugged into your OBDII port. Then he sold it to Curt Hitch. This year he brought a hand crank winch that has 100 feet of cable and can move 10,000 pounds rescuing Jeeps, trucks and SUV’s. The last video was DuraFlap, a rigged mud flap with grooves on the back side for mud and sand to stick too. These mud flaps don’t sail in the wind, are not drill installed and have imbedded shiny aluminum on the bottom. I hope I get a set this winter to test. I’m finally rested up, may have to get an electric scooter for next year. Next year I’ll be on Medicare.


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