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Tundra 2022

Finally the new 2022 Tundra is totally revealed. It has been teased often for years and as with most Toyota products, it’s amazing. First was the T100 then the small Tundra in 2000. I was at the media launch of the 2007 full-size Tundra. The crew max crew cab rear glass totally rolled down and still does in the new model. That was cool, great for shooting video’s. The 5.7L V-8 mated to a 6-speed automatic had 381 horsepower. But with a 4.30 rear axle ratio it was a good towing machine but not good for MPG. Started out great but in recent years was outdated compared to the other half-ton trucks.

It was introduced to the public at the halftime Sunday night football game on Sept. 19, 2021. I’ll be touching it on Sept. 23, 2021 at the start of the Texas State Fair, as Texas is where the Tundra is built. Fitting as the state sells the most trucks. Basically the majority of what us journalist wanted changed has come true. The crew max now with has a 6.5-foot-bed along with the standard 5.5-foot-bed. The 6-speed has been replaced with a 10-speed, of course. It also features a new grill, new interior, new suspension, new bed and lots of LED lights. The grills are different for each model of SR, SR5, Limited, Platinum and 1794. No V-6, no V-8, learning from Ford, only 2, V-6 3.5L twin turbos, the one in the TRD PRO is hybrid.

Towing capacity is up to 12,000 pounds properly equipped. The hybrid is 11,400 pounds towing. Payload can be as high as 1,940 pounds properly equipped. As a growing option with large screens, the middle dash touch screen can be 14 inches. Instrument panel is 12.3 inches. Big improvement over outgoing model. Rear leaf springs went away and a five link rear coil suspension with Fox piggy back reservoir improves the ride on TRD PRO. Front suspension is wish bone independent. TRD PRO has rear air ride.

Rear coil springs or air bags are in TRD PRO and high end models, learning from Ram. TRD PRO meant a complete upgrade in the Tacoma, but mostly just decals and wheels in the Tundra. Now the Tundra TRD PRO is a total upgrade. The hybrid 3.5L twin turbo is 437 horse power and 583 pound-feet. of torque, more than the Ford F150 hybrid. New off-road modes enhance off-road and towing. The V-6 3.5L twin turbo as the standard engine in the other Tundra’s is 389 horse power and 479 pound-feet torque.

The bed, learning from Tacoma is now a composite with aluminum floor frame. And more from little brother Tacoma is CRAWL Control like a cruise control at low speeds. The frame is new, instead of a reinforced C-channel, it’s now fully boxed. The rear air suspension on the TRD PRO and option on more expensive models has three height modes. I like truck air suspensions. Semi-trucks shouldn’t be the only ones to have fun. Now we have Toyota and Ram with air, I see a pattern.

The i-FORCE MAX hybrid motor in the bell housing between motor and transmission work together. The battery isn’t Lithium Ion like most other hybrids but a 288V Nickel-Metal Hydride battery located under the second row seat. Tow/haul is improved with two modes depending on the size of the trailer. Of course it has bunch of cameras and a 14 inch screen to watch them with. Toyota has a new Trailer Back Guidance aid, I’m sure it’s similar to what Ford and Ram have. Though manufactures copy each other, in the long run it helps all of us. Can’t wait to drive the new Tundra.


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