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According to government statistics, the last time our USA trade balance was a positive one was way back in 1975, nearly a half-century ago. That’s a long time for negative numbers to be looked at in a positive manner, but that’s the spin our government spouts as it insists that global free trade is a good thing for America.

I looked at our trade balance as of March, 2022. We had exported $241 billion of “stuff,” and had imported $351 billion of “stuff,” which gave the U.S. a trade deficit of $109 billion. 

Those are big numbers and for the life of an ol’ country boy like me, I can’t see any benefit — short-range or long-range — from such an immense trade deficit.

It reminded me that way back in the farm crisis of the 1980s — when the North American Free Trade Agreement for the U.S., Canada, and Mexico was being pushed hard, not only by the government, but also by numerous farm and commodity organizations — I predicted that NAFTA was going to be a loser for the U.S.

In fact, I wrote a predictive poem about it that is worth revisiting. Here is is:


The Prez says that NAFTA’s a must. 

Senator Dole says that it’s just. 

But Perot yells so shrill 

“Let’s not vote for this deal, 

Until it is further discussed.” 

Meanwhile proponents of NAFTA amass 

A fortune to get the deal passed. 

While opponents cry “Foul.” 

And in unison howl.

“This NAFTA’s gonna give us the shaft”

And Mexico’s teetering bankrupt government 

Sees that thirty million bucks get spent. 

On print ads that swear, 

“Move your businesses here 

And hire labor for just a few cents.”

For agriculture more exports beckon. 

And farmers and ranchers all reckon. 

That their billfolds will swell 

And a NAFTA vote will 

Prove ultimately to be the correct one. 

But their hopes for a windfall will fade. 

Because after the NAFTA deal’s made. 

They’ll most likely find 

It won’t be their kind
Who’ll have it made in the shade.

It’s the financials and big corporations 

Who’ll profit, not the three nations. 

‘Cause NAFTA’s designed to a T 

To screw you and me. 

It just ain’t gonna be our salvation. 

Note, in my humble opinion, not only has NAFTA shafted U.S., but free-trade with China has been worse. When will folks learn that speeding down “Cheap Lane” ultimately leads to “Poverty Landing?”


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Hope the blizzard coming tomorrow with sub-zero temps, snow and high wind passes by with no damage. Meanwhile, Happy New Year to one and all. 

Words of wisdom for the week: “Pretend it’s 1993, not 2023 — talk to someone in person.” 

Have a good ‘un.  

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