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On the road again

I traveled to Mahnomen, Minn., Grand Forks, N.D., and finally ended up in Mountain, N.D. I was a bridesmaid in a wedding in Mahnomen and visited with family and friends in Grand Forks and Mountain.

As we traveled through eastern North Dakota, where the ditches and sloughs were full of water and rain was still coming down, it was hard to believe that parts of central and western North Dakota are in a severe drought. I always wondered if there was a way to send water to the west when they are dry and the eastern part of the state is soaked. Maybe someone will come up with a way after this crazy weather.

Unfortunately, the rains in the eastern part of the state were not timely as there are many water-logged fields of corn, beans and sunflowers that need to be harvested. Farmers there are going to need several days of warm, windy weather to dry things up.

My sister, who lives in Mountain, said they had received 2 1/2 inches over a couple of days.

I remember some summers early in the 90s when it was cloudy and wet all the time. We kept getting these freaky 10- to 15-inch rains in areas that would cause isolated summer flooding. It was the year I purchased my first raincoat, in fact. As a reporter I was constantly trying to come up with different ways to say rain, wet and flood because it seemed like I was writing about it every other day.

During those wet years, grain carts became very popular after farmers grew tired of pulling trucks out of muddy fields.

But if there’s one thing I have learned about the weather, it can turn on a dime.

Thought I had escaped the rain on the way home from my travels but I brought it with me to Greeley, Colo.

I’m hoping it will be warm and dry this weekend though as I cheer on my granddaughter’s soccer team and my grandson’s football team in Cheyenne, Wyo., on Saturday. If not, I’ll just throw on an extra jacket and my raincoat.

P.S. Sorry if some of you were confused when my Editor’s Note didn’t run last week, but I am still here. ❖