Agriculture across the pond |

Agriculture across the pond

Although farmers and ranchers in the U.S. have been feeling like they are being bombarded by fake news and misinformation, they aren’t suffering as much as their counterparts across the pond.

Every once in a while a news story comes up from Farmers Weekly, a publication that covers the British farming industry, that makes me shake my head.

For example, a local television was airing a documentary about how vegan activists liberate pigs from farms, called “How to Steal Pigs and Influence People.”

Before this documentary was aired the same local channel delivered “Meat the Family,” where urban families were given farm animals as pets. After a few weeks they had to decide whether to eat the animals or save them.

The Ulster Farmers Union was just successful in getting vegan ads removed from buses in Northern Ireland. One of those ads featured a cute sheep that said, “She has one precious life. Will your dinner take it?”

Then British Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged Ugandan farmers to export their beef to the UK after Brexit. He is quoted in Farmers Weekly as saying, “I have just told President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni that his beef cattle will have an honoured place on the tables of post-Brexit Britain.”

This was said at a time when beef prices and demand were decreasing in the UK.

As in the U.S., UK farmers and ranchers are dealing with the myth that cows are killing the planet.

I could cite many other articles of anti-agriculture sentiment in the UK, but I think you get my drift.

These producers across the pond are no different than those here. Both are taking steps to be more efficient, sustainable and climate friendly.

Maybe we should get together with farmers across the world to fight all this misinformation about the agriculture industry just like anti-agriculture groups are already doing. You know what they say: The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Just a thought. ❖

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