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Celebrating wolves?

Just as a rancher in Idaho has witnessed the “largest and worst incident of wolf predation” since gray wolves were introduced into the state from Canada in 1995, Coloradoans are getting ready to celebrate the “reintroduction” of gray wolves into their state.

The Idaho rancher lost 143 ewes and lambs when two wolves spooked a herd of sheep causing them to pileup in a steep gully where they died. What’s really crazy about this story is that the wolves were out in the daylight.You can read more about this terrible wolf attack on page 37.

In Colorado, many events are being planned to celebrate wolves during the month of June.

I don’t think I need to tell The Fence Post readers how ridiculous this is.

One of the events is an animation call to artists, here is part of the description: “The Wolf Tales project seeks works exploring wolves as non-human animals with deep ties to human cultural history, playing vital ecological and biological roles in ecosystems.

Wolf Tales celebrates and honors the return of wolves, through creative exploration of the relationship between wolves and humans.”

I suppose a painting of a wolf eating a person — which would best portray the wolf-human relationship — would be in poor taste. Pardon the pun.

I’m sure the Canadian ranchers are having a good laugh at our expense and are probably urging more U.S. states to “reintroduce” wolves.


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