Diet and exercise |

Diet and exercise

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m a little overweight. I don’t need the bathroom scale to tell me if I’ve gained weight, I just know it when my clothes start to get too snug.

So I’m watching my diet and using my treadmill, which is in the garage so when it’s hot outside I can really work up a sweat.

Luckily I gave up soda and fried foods a long time ago so I don’t miss those things.

And, I don’t have any trouble getting enough protein because I love all meat and eggs. I just have to watch my portion sizes. That means no more steak the size of my plate.

One of the proteins they recommend is turkey burger and turkey bacon. I can eat turkey bacon if I cook it until it’s nearly burnt, but turkey burger is just not the same as a beef burger. And no amount of spices or sauces can help.

They also recommend alternative “meat.” That’s not going to happen.

So despite the fact that I cannot stomach some of the irregular protein choices, I think I’m doing pretty good in that department.

But getting my carbs under control is a lot tougher.

And people are so helpful.

They tell me to eat quinoa it’s great. You will love it. So I tried quinoa and it was yucky. Then they said mix it with this or that. I’m sorry but nothing can make me like quinoa. I can’t even describe the taste.

Then my daughter told me to eat zoodles because I miss eating pasta. If you don’t know, zoodles are zucchini noodles. She says they are delicious because they take on the flavor of anything you put on them. No they don’t. They taste like shredded zucchini.

Then there is the spaghetti squash, sorry not even going to try that.

And, I love cauliflower but I’m not eating pizza with a cauliflower crust nor am I making cauliflower mac and cheese. That’s just wrong.

Cauliflower is supposed to be boiled like a regular vegetable and eaten with melted butter.

So this too shall pass and soon I will be back to eating regular food just less of it and my clothes will fit once again. ❖

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