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Last week I was mildly annoyed when I read about the mysterious drone activity over Colorado, and the fact that nobody was taking responsibility for the unmanned aerial vehicles.

This week, I’m downright angry over the situation.

First, I’m a journalist and I need to know what the heck is going on and who is conducting these nocturnal flights.

Second, these drones are causing a lot of curiosity and frustration in rural areas and some in those areas have spent a lot of time driving after these drones. Someone is bound to get hurt.

Third, people in these areas shouldn’t have to be harassed by some unknown entity as they go about their daily work. You can bet if drones in those numbers were flying over major cities like New York or Washington, D.C., something would be done about it, and quickly. Stealth bombers would have been deployed so quickly it would make your head spin.

Fourth, there are just so many conspiracy theories going around and people in those areas, who may be overly paranoid or have mental health issues, could become extremely agitated by this type of activity.

In my mind, they should all be identifiable. What other vehicle whether on the ground, in the air or on the water doesn’t have a license number or some kind of ID.

Fortunately they are working on that issue with the Federal Aviation Administration and hopefully they will do something to get to the bottom of this sooner rather than later. (See the latest information about these mysterious drones in Rachel Gabel’s article starting on page 18.)

In the meantime, let’s stay away from wild speculation and conspiracy theories as the situation is dealt with. ❖

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