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Hang on, help is on the way

Well I am officially done writing about my sheltering at home and social distancing practices, and as soon as my local watering hole opens I will be the first one through the door. That could happen as early as Monday because Weld County is saying they are going to let businesses open, despite orders from the Colorado governor to keep businesses closed.

I predict there are going to be many lawsuits once this pandemic clears up and the federal government is already talking about protecting businesses from lawsuits. States will be suing China, small business owners will be suing states and state governors, people who suffered from COVID-19 will be suing those they believe passed the pandemic on to them, workers will be suing the companies they work for and the only people who will be making money are lawyers and law firms.

Why didn’t I go to law school?

Also, the companies making plexiglass are making out like bandits during this crisis.

In the meantime, life goes on and people, companies and organizations, some who are themselves suffering financially, are stepping up to help people in need.

The Colorado Farm Bureau helped a local food bank, that was having to wait weeks for trucks, deliver food, diapers and other supplies.

“On Thursday morning (April 23, 2020) flatbeds, dually trucks and pickups with trailers driven by local farmers and ranchers and Farm Bureau members and employees lined up and down the road outside the Durango Food Bank ready to help. The Farm Bureau volunteers wrapped pallets and hand-loaded boxes, and volunteers from Milligan Honey Farms even showed up with their own forklift, which expedited the operation,” according to a Farm Bureau Insurance agency release.

The Chico Basin Ranch in Colorado was handing out bags containing 10 one-pound packages of meat to more than 1,500 families, according to a story in the Western Horseman.

“We saw it as a way we could make a really big impact on families who are struggling right now (due to the coronavirus pandemic),” said Tess Leach of Chico Basin Ranch. “We’ve had people pull up and accept the meat with tears in their eyes. It’s heartwarming to do something positive during this tough time.”

Dairy Farmers of America and Meadow Gold Dairy donated more than 30,000 gallons of milk to Coloradans.

“It been hard to watch milk go to waste and not be used to help feed people who need it so much right now,” said John Johnson, a DFA member and local dairy farmer from Eaton, Colo. “I’m really proud to be a part of this donation. As dairy farmers, we work hard day in and day out to help make food for our local communities, so being able to help others gives this crazy situation a bit of a silver lining.”

And Prowers Aggregate donated $100,000 to help start the Business Support Fund project to aid local businesses affected by COVID-19.

The money will be used by the Southeast Colorado Enterprise Development, Inc. to provide $1,000 grants to struggling businesses in Baca, Bent, Crowley, Kiowa, Otero and Prowers counties in Colorado.

“As construction has been deemed an essential service during the pandemic, Prowers Aggregate has continued to operate and wants to give back to local businesses who have been impacted the most,” said SECED, Inc. Executive Director Stephanie Gonzales.

“We want to help local businesses during this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis,” agreed Karl Nyquist, President of Prowers Aggregates. “We hope that the money we have donated will help businesses to re-open and get people back to work, whether they are located in our hometown of Lamar, Prowers County, or any of the other five adjacent counties that comprise the Southeast Colorado Enterprise area.”

These stories warm my heart and give me hope that we will get through these desperate times.

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