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Hey from North Dakota

This week I’m working out of a recreational vehicle near Thompson, N.D., and to say this week was tough is an understatement. We parked the RV at our 4½-acre place about two miles from town.

We came out to North Dakota to attend a graveside ceremony in Cooperstown for my mother-in-law, who lived to be 97 years old. She was a wonderful woman who raised four great children.

Working out in the RV was not ideal, especially as our internet service was not up to par. Most of the time I could get only one or two bars on my cell phone so it was very slow going using my cell as a hot spot.

The locals told me the cell phone tower is on the top of the grain elevator in town.

The best internet service I got was at the graveyard in Cooperstown, but my husband and grandson didn’t want to spend all day there as I worked.

Makes me wonder what North Dakota did with all that money they got from the federal government for broadband service.

Unlike many places in Colorado, North Dakota is wet. We saw many, many fields that have not been planted, or have last year’s corn and sunflowers still on them. Any low area is full of water. We even had to watch our step in the graveyard so we wouldn’t walk into a puddle of water.

I feel for the farmers, there will be a lot of prevented plant acres in the state.

The weird thing is that I didn’t see a single mosquito. In a wet spring they would typically be swarming everywhere. I’m thinking the May snowstorm must have killed them all. Unfortunately, the snow did not kill the wood ticks. I found two on me, and my grandson found three. The only thing I hate worse that spiders is wood ticks.

We did get the lawn mowed, the garage cleaned out and sprayed the dandelions and somehow I managed to get this week’s magazine out.

For those Coloradans hankering to get outside and watch a Memorial Day parade, Dan Carlson, vice president of the Northern Colorado Model A’s, sent me an email that they are going to form a parade of Model A Fords and other classic cars.

The parade will be held Sunday, May 24, starting at 10:15 to 10:30 a.m. at Hwy. 14 and Sunchase.

The parade go through four adjacent neighborhoods in the area of I-25 and Hwy 14. “We will start in the Sunflower Retirement Community at Hwy 14 and Sunchase,” Carlson said. “Then on to Clydesdale Community just to the east. After a trip around Baker Lake to the north, we will cruise into Cloverleaf Mobile Home Community just north of Hwy 14 and I-25. We will finish with lunch at McDonalds at Hwy 14 and I-25.” ❖

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