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Hey sports fans

Seems like I woke up one day and everyone was a soccer fan. I don’t mind watching soccer, especially when my grandkids are playing.

I know myself and many others will be watching to see if the U.S. women’s soccer team beats the Netherlands on Sunday. As you are reading this you probably already know the answer.

We never had soccer when I was in school. And, we just started a girl’s basketball team when I was a sophomore. So, of course I had to play because I was tall and skinny.

But boy were we brawlers. There was no finesse at all to our game. And most of us fouled out before the games ended. Worst of all, the coach forgot to tell us about the 3-second rule, which we were constantly called on. After about our third game the coach finally discussed the 3-second rule with us.

The refs would laugh at us during the game and I’m sure they spent many happy hours recalling our antics.

Basketball and track were the only sports for girls. I joined track, but I didn’t really like all that running. One time coach drove us out of town a few miles and we had to run back. My best friend and I took a short cut across a field and got caught. He brought us back to the starting point and we took the short cut again.

My husband and I coached girl’s basketball one year and it was not a pleasant job. The girls were about 10 and 11 years old. Some wanted to just run around and scream and others were ball hogs. One girl tried to make a basket from the opposite side of the court.

And the parents were downright mean. If their child didn’t get to play all the time they would get mad. If their child didn’t get to hold the basketball during the game they would get mad. If their child didn’t make any points they would get mad. And let me tell you, they were some pretty low scoring games.

Then one of the girls threw the basketball and it hit my husbands face and broke his glasses.

But we soldiered on through the season and didn’t volunteer for the job the next year. ❖

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